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03-18-2010, 12:54 AM
Hiyas Orien!

After a few months of involuntary stoppage of the game (and everything else in my life) I am returning to Eberron, looking to start playing again. So here I am in the Orien server, looking for a guild to join. Preferably one that engages in some lite RP, prefers a somewhat more measured trek through the quests (as opposed to Zerging it), and welcomes players of all types and stripes. I have some knowledge of the game mechanics (but not great amounts) and also some of the content through the lower levels (I did some chains like Sharns, Catacombs, Tangleroot, and Delara's once). My hours are a little strange, due to third-shift work schedules but I do play often. I am friendly, sociable, and prone to LOTS of guild forum posting. I like using Voice chat in the game (which surprises many players when they find out I really AM a girl).

I would also like to examine any guild before joining, so if you have a website, please link it in your replies. I ask this so I can avoid the situation that I had today, where a new Guild was actually a couple of guys that I had PUGged with earlier, who were looking for an online girlfriend.

03-18-2010, 02:10 PM
Hi there

Depending on how strange your hours are u might wanna check out us in Crusaders of Justice. We are mostly European players so we play on GMT times.

We are a friendly bunch with 70-75 members atm not countint alts. We have several couples and female players in guild aswell.

If this sounds interesting look up any member or Crusaders of Justice and they can direct you to an officer.

Here is our web page: justice.guildportal.com

Oh - and im not looking for an online girlfriend - im living with our female guild leader and i suspect i would be swiftly dealt with if i did:p

Cya in game