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03-17-2010, 03:28 PM

We are a guild of friends who have played just about everything out there MMO wise, and have made a full circle back to DDO. Currently there are 6 of us that are all around lvl 14 working through content. We would like to find a co-op with another guild to tackle raids and progress further. Look me up in game Ilvyel, or Peralay if there is any interest of joining up.

03-18-2010, 07:15 AM
I invite you to to visit our website

Were a small group of 8 players also.
Several of us are online nightly U.S. time and I play quite a bit more then the rest - so you can usually find one of my toons playing.....

Were not a regimented type guild that requires members to only play with each other.... we just like having fun and keeping a small core group of friends to play with.
Several times we've talked about co-op'ing with other small guilds and it sounds like you all have the same idea.

Our core toons are level 12 -15 with alts closing fast at 9 - 11 so we have a good selection of "talent" to chose from (I use talent loosely..... you'll see why should we join up......)

We've done the same co-op thing with two of our brother clans in the Battlefield 1942/BF2/BFBC2 - Unreal Tournament games and have created a web site
Between Gamers Radio / Napalm Cowboys / Dual Clan
So were quite familiar with co-op'ing and multi-team play style.

On the Gamers Radio forums I am "Duck"

In DDO I am

We look forward to meeting you on the Gamers Radio forums - please drop by and say hello over there.

03-18-2010, 03:07 PM
Thanks for the reply we will defiantly be looking you guys up in game. Our current group make up as of now is

H Peralay Fighter (tank) 11
E Destello Cleric 12
D Linyr Rogue 12
H Argamemnon Pally 13
H Ascendent Monk 13
D Ilvyel Ranger 13