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03-17-2010, 08:14 AM
Isn't it?

Bad Habit is a mainly PvE (Player versus enviroment (dungeons/raids)) oriented guild which is open to everyone, whether you are interested in PvP, RP or play just for the social aspect of the game. As the guild has been created recently (16.03.2010), we are still "gathering forces", but after all - it isn't about the quantity, but the quality. We do not require any specific levels from players, but insist on acting as mature as you can.
Members who fail to behave will be kicked from the guild for good.

As we are still leveling up and the guild is not filled with level 20 characters, we not focusing on raiding at all times, but in the near future this will most likely change.

If you are currently guildless or thinking about switching guilds, keep Bad Habit in your mind as we would be happy to welcome you to our community.
To join - contact Sleepingcap ingame or send me a mail regarding your wish, if I don't happen to be online at the time and I will get back to you whenever I get around to.
Do not join the guild expecting to be an officer within minutes - unlike some guilds - a member has to actually earn the rank.

As of this moment, the guild does not have a website of its own, but it is on the list on things to do.
For now, we can be found at myddo - Bad Habit (http://my.ddo.com/guild-thelanis-bad_habit/)