View Full Version : Racial benefits to TR

03-16-2010, 09:51 PM
Considering how good TRing is to Turbine, financially, it came to my mind some ideas to give slight benefits for TR certain races.

(limited to 3x)
Humans: +1 enhancement point
Halfling: +1 Sneak attack damage
Drow: +1 SR (when effected by a class feature, spell, item or racial feature)
Warforged: +5 Hit Points
Elf: +5 Spell points/level
Dwarf: +1 AC vs giants
Half-Orc: +10% rage duration

Racial TR Feats:
Humans: [Able Learner] choose 1 cross-class skill to be considered a class skill
Halfling: [Combat Opportunist] deal +1d6 of sneak attack damage (applies to class features or SA item properties)
Drow: [High Born Drow Ancestry] TR, SR bonuses increases to +2
Elf: [Battle Caster] Wizards or Sorcerers can cast spells with no chance of failure in light armor, bards in medium armor
Dwarf: [Giant Slayer] +2d6 damage versus Giants
Half-Orc: [Destructive Rage] +2 Racial bonus to strength when effected by a Rage spell, ability or feature.

Xenophile: Achieved when TRed in every race, +2 tiers to the passive benefits of each TR.

Turbine could either add these proposed features, or some other very watered down versions they would come up with to prevent too much imbalance.