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03-16-2010, 08:18 PM
While I wouldnt mind some new races Id prefer some new classes for existing races with more wpns added to the game.

With all the upgrades to arcane archer at high lvl they rock and are now the ultimate ranged which waters down game diversity. I would love to see gladiators added to the game with the ability to take any wpn of choice in game and specailize it to make it awesome within terms of game balance so your not having to craft a few key wpns in the game to be at the top of the DPS food chain.

Spears, tridents, Nets, even more monk wpns 3 section staves or even being able to toss a handful of specailized caltrops in a doorway b4 a fight would be awesome and add more dimension to the game. Who would like a Arcane monk tossing around wounding caltrops or doing some Monk chain entangle move the pit fiend uses on poor souls in VOD.
Personally the # one thing I would love to see ingame right now is a magic item converter.
Version #1 would take cool armor and turn it into docents for warforged or visa versa, who wouldnt like to take that deathblock robe of the Magi and turn it into a set of fullplate for a cleric ( just an example of the possibilities)
use this one to turn decents to armor or armor to robes ect ect

Version #2 could be more of a random effect and 1st time is 100% success rate on transfer to new item every chance after that an increasing % chance gets added that the item will be destroyed. So you get that Holy burst greater dragon bane club and throw it in the Gambletron 2000 and it is randomly converted to a different wpn type with all wpns having same % chance to pop up sure u could end up with a dagger of the same or if your lucky it could turn into a rapier or even a returning shuriken (SO WHEN THEY MAKE RETURNERS REPAIRABLE WE COULD USE IT)

If they wanted to be wicked they could even let you put a race restricted wpn in and out pops a diff wpn possibly with no rr or a diff rr, so we can finally do something will all the two handed halfing and elven only wpns we get. Once you get your basic equip for a tune 80 % of the stuff after that is junk to sell with unusable combos like Ghost touch vermin banes and such and I have yet to find all these ghostly creature combos I keep getting wpns for. Now if could throw that in a device that might make it ghostly undead or flaming vermin that would be alot more fun to take the chance on a few gambles even though I might eventually destroy the item, because every once in awhile Id score something worthy of the effort I could brag about to my friends.

If they wanted to be nice/challanging they could make it where theres lootable item in game for wpns types that if u add to device while trying to transmute it improves or predetermines wpn dmg type so if your slashing build and throw some slashing collectable in there the Item gets % increase or higher probability of coming out as a slashing wpn, that way we could farm or buy said items from DDO STORE to increase our chance of turning bizarre junk wpns into treasures. It goes without saying it would be of the same general lvl.

I know Ive done epics or elite raids and at the end no named stuff drops and crappy high value pp loot drops thats not even remotely usuable at your current level for example that +4 byshek dwarf bane of deception thats lvl 16 to use or some insane **** like that.

If you think this idea sounds fun feel free to expand on it and give me some good rep for hehe
chance to turn crappy loot into good loot of same lvl
less junk to scroll thru when shopping in auction house
possibly new item to enhance this in DDO store more money for them more updates for us
Imagine this as Pay to play avail (big selling point for going monthly right here)

poor plat farmers and NPC vendor campers lose out some here
more grinding for items to do this with if activation items not avail in DDO STORE or easily obtainable

This is something that would be useful at all lvls
Need more wpns added to game to make this even more enjoyable.

03-16-2010, 11:21 PM
Very interesting thoughts.