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03-14-2010, 10:54 PM
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It has been awhile since I last updated things. I am happy to say that I was able to fix what I broke. (Backend DB management stuff) It is working for now and I was able to get a bunch more updates in.

All of the known Update 3 Quests and Items are in there. Thanks to Dragon.Star for keeping up on THE Definitive Static Rewards and Unique Loot Thread! Thanks goes out to all those that have offered advice, tips and tricks. I wanted to throw out a special thanks to Cedwin for his great additions to the community. I have tossed in his server widget into DDM’s Realm and it works great!

The Top Ten
I am not sure if everyone understands the Top Ten section I added a little while ago. There have been a few questions so I wanted to explain it more. I wanted to let you know the reason it is there and how to use.

Yes, it is kind nifty to see what the Top Ten XP and Loot runs are, but how do you use that information?

Here’s How:
Click the link to go to the Top Ten page. There you will find drop down menus to narrow the results by level. Say you want to level up your 8th level Favored Soul. You totally rock so you want to push your skills. Select 9 under Low in the left drop down and 10 under High in the right drop down. Click Find Quests to have it return only 9th and 10th level quests.

You would like to get some good loot while you’re getting good XP so you will try to find one quest that is at the top of both lists. I see that The Jungle of Kyber is #1 on both lists! If you want rocking XP and a pile of loot, run this quest at that level!

Remember that it takes into account all “non standard” optionals for the quest. There are many quests in the game where you can get much more then base XP from the optionals. This tool does not take into account the “standard” optional such as Ransack and Conquest Bonuses, so you can get even more by shooting for those! Make sure to check out the Quest Details section for all the info on how many crates you need to smash and other optional info. I did this because just looking at the base XP for a quest can be very deceptive of the true potential of the quest.

Use it to hunt down those quests that can give you the most bang for your buck! Enjoy!
Please let me know if you have any further questions or suggestions.

Update Notes
Update 3 Info Done (Quests and Loot)
More Ugly Removed! At least I hope you think so.
Added Cedwin’s Server Tracker. Thanks a ton!
Added a little plug-in that added quest pop ups when you mouse over the DDO Compendium Links. (Found at the bottom of the details pages.) Thanks again Cedwin!
Fixed many layout errors and cross browser errors. (I think there are more; I will clean them up as I find/figure them out. grr)
Added a bunch of helpful links. (Right Menu Bar) If you would like your site to be included please let me know!
Tweaked the Top Ten XP code some more since I have more quest data to use.
Many Quest Updates
More Quests Verified

Thank you all for your patience. I should be able to get updates in faster now and will strive to get the information in ASAP. (At least I had quest info in day one of Update 3, yes? Hehe)

Please keep the comments coming as I start to really fine tune and polish the site. Hopefully it doesn’t make your eyes bleed as bad and you all can find some good info here to help your DDO experience.

See you in Stormreach!