View Full Version : ''Static'' group forming

03-14-2010, 08:40 AM

So, just to be clear, I'll try to state my idea from the start. I would like to assemble a group(s) of frequent players who would get together often. It doesn't have to be too obligatory and demanding, everything would be achieved through agreements and co-working. Meaning,if someone can't make it today,or tomorrow, he wouldn't be shunned from the group, we would organize the meetings so it could suite most of the people. My time zone is GMT+1, so European players would be preferred I guess, but if any other are usually on in the EU play time,you are welcome as well...

In fact, to get things started, we can use this thread simply to apply for a quest,meeting,raid etc. And work things out from there.

This is simply a plea for players who, as myself, are tired of not being able to find a suitable party for them, or don't quest with guildies as much as they would like to, and simply want to join forces with other friendly,fun lovin' players.

I am a very patient guy, still semi-new to the game, willing to learn and improve gaming skills with other peeps who can get a joke, play around and basically have fun. All styles of playing would be fine with me, I'm not so much into zerging,but if most of the party is in to it,or we all done the quest like 10 times,then it's ok I guess. Role playing can be a lot of fun so I support that as well. But basically just socializing,helping each other out,being patient with everyone is what i would like to achieve.

I know most of you would suggest joining a guild, but I did join several, and none was so group supporting,socializing and ''guild members'' group based as I wanted it to be. Or, simply wasn't in the EU time zone, but had all the other things I need. So...

Anyway, If you cared enough to read all of this, post a reply, write the days and time you are usually on, or just name the time and place you would like to set up a group for, and we'll get together. Thank you!

Lesster Mirkwood, rogue level 12.