View Full Version : Allow targetting self-target buffs for PMs

03-11-2010, 08:35 PM
This likely seems a bit of a counter-intuitive suggestion. After all, if a spell says self only, coming from a pure DnD background it should be self only, however there are a few things that contribute to this suggestion.

First, there's the general philosophy of a summoner player: they are primarily proxy-fighters, who instead of dishing out damage directly, create, call, or otherwise summon something to do their dirty work for them, so philosophically speaking, they'll want to pour as much as they can on their proxy.

Second, there's the timing of when you begin to get the enhancement line. At either 6 or 7 (if you take a rank in rogue so your critters aren't automatically blocked or destroyed the second you have to go past a trap), you've just spent 1/4 or more of your levels (though not time, of course, since that's non-linear progression) in 'buff the party' mode, with the occasional foray into damage here or there, since that's by and large the most spell-point efficient method of using you're available spells (again if you're a nuker, you're likely not looking at summons anyway)

Third, there is, to a degree, a role-play and game mechanic aspect to this already. You're spending not only sp, but also health, a little bit of 'you' to get this particular critter out there.

Fourth of course, is: it's a simple boolean check alteration code-side for targeting purposes, since if you've got another entity selected, be it a summon, hireling, or other party member selected when you hit a self-only spell, it checks the targeting algorithm and applies it to you instead. It *shouldn't* be terribly difficult to also just look up ownership, at least if there's any parity at all with the naming conventions for the hireling code, for instance (not to mention, they follow you, not the party in general, so there's a link you can follow at some point)

It seems to me, at least, taking all that into account, tossing on a few extra buffs here and there to add to the survivability of pale master summons would go a long way towards stretching their utilities a bit. Thoughts?

03-11-2010, 10:42 PM
You want the Pale Master wizard to be able to cast self-buff spells onto his skeleton servants? Like Shield and Fireshield and Expeditious Retreat?

That has plenty of precedent with familiars in the D&D 3.5 game, but it would have minimal real effect in DDO, and enhancing the summons is the wrong path to pursue for fixing Pale Master. It is not technically feasible for the DDO devs to improve summons enough to make them an important aspect of Pale Master functionality.

For them to aim at making Pale Master the "summoner prc" will not work, because when the going gets tough the pets get stupid. They could instead try to make it the "necromany caster" or "survivor wizzy" or even "self-healer wizzy", or go for something else entirely.

03-11-2010, 11:01 PM
Oh, I fully agree long term, it won't really do nearly as much to enhance the class overall as adding in enough viable necromancy spells to make the line of crits and penetrations matter from the full 6-20 range, for example, or adding in negative damage to weapons in general ala the paly sword pre, or even an inverse version of the paly aura, for that matter (I mention the relation between it and paly mainly due to the general notion that in PnP the two classes often act as foils of one another), just looking to point out something that would stretch out the utility of the class while any major reworks are considered/implemented with a minimal amount of development time.

Edit: thanks for the 3.5 reference. Wasn't up on that aspect. Haven't *really* had time for a good long set of all-nighters since 2.5.