View Full Version : PnP Spells, New

03-08-2010, 10:06 AM
A few spells from the pencil and paper DnD game I'd like to see added.

Spectral Hand- Not sure how this would be coded heh, but the idea was a self only buff. When casting touch
range spells, instead a ray effect would be used showing the hand flying to the target. Not
exactly the PnP version, but it seems like it would preserve the idea.

Gust of Wind- Implemented like lightning bolt sort of. Just a forward blast from the caster that would disperse
things like fog cloud, obscuring mist ect and possibly force a fort or reflex save against fliers
like bats or imps. A failure could send them to the ground (think trip).

Consecrate- Simply as a stationary AoE that gives -1 attack, damage and saves to undead within it.