View Full Version : About time for me to join a guild...

03-08-2010, 05:19 AM
If you read these forums, you've probably had to put up with me before.

Anyway, been guildless since my last guild (which I didn't really fit into anyway) fell apart while I took a break from the game about a year ago. It's about time I changed that.

I'd describe myself as a semi-powergamer.

My likes:

1) Running the hardest stuff in the game. Epic DQ1, elite Amrath (including ToD), elite Shroud, other epics, elite SoS, etc, etc.
2) Speedruns and other similar in-game challenges.
3) Levelling my alts (possibly in the future TRs too) at lightning pace. I find high level play more fun than low level, so I zerg through the low levels ASAP.
4) Being prepared to try out new strategies to beat quests, and not being afraid to wipe. (I was the first person I'm aware of to come up with the 'six heroes' Shroud approach for completing in weak PUG groups, for example).

My main toons:

(main) Numot~Khyber - Clr18/Ftr2 max Str melee build. Very well geared, configured for healing from the front lines while dealing quite respectable DPS. Can also tank in a pinch - I've threat tanked elite Suulomades (in VoD not ToD) for a short time whilst still healing raid members, but that's something solely for emergencies.
Notable gear: Epic Spectral Gloves, Min 2 greataxe, Concordant Opposition +45 HP Shroud bracers, Tharne's Goggles, Aspect of Smoke +150 exceptional SP Shroud item, +3 Con tome, Bloodstone, +1 Icy Burst Axiomatic Burst Falchion of Greater Dragon Bane (superior to all crafted/raid weapons except for the Epic SoS against Epic Velah).
Still hunting: Torc, Epic Bloodstone, Epic Spellstoring Ring, Mysterious Bauble, Xaorcian Eardweller, Epic SoS, Boots of Anchoring, Epic Belt of the Mroranon, maybe a Sovereign Rune of Destruction.

(former main) Myrmidral - Sor20 'generalist' sorc. Not well geared, and a bit of a gimped build by today's standards (I built this toon before knowing the value of UMD to a sorc), but this toon holds its own in elites and the easier epics. When the cap was first 16, this toon had completed everything in the game on Elite save the Black Abbot.

Migrane - Brd19 warchanter build (will be staying pure). Still hunting lots of gear, aspire to dualwield Lightning 2 khopeshes. Min-maxxed heavily for Epic content (Inspired Attack 3, Otto's Irresistable Dance with capstone and Spell Pen enhancements,

Plus a bunch of other toons around level 17 or so that are always willing to Shroud - Disector (DPS Rog10/Rgr6/Ftr1, may reincarnate fighter to monk), Cacophonous (Warchanter Brd16/Ftr1, plan to +3 reincarnate into Brd14/Brb6), Calcryx (former AC build, somewhat Exploiter-like, pretty gimped now)

My playtimes:
I'm Australian East Coast, so generally GMT Noon or so, but I'm pretty much unable to commit to fixed weekly raiding times. I'm on quite a lot, however, and tend to stay up far too late playing this game.

If you've run with me before, you probably also know that I'm someone that talks too much, and has a (sometimes annoying) tendency to argue tiny points of character optimization. But hey, noone's perfect.

If your guild regularly runs Epics and elite endgame content, and you think I'd fit in, post something here and PM me.