View Full Version : WTB: Weighted specced melee toons, and smite happy paladins.

03-05-2010, 01:57 PM
Weighted works well. Really really well.

My (currently) TR'd 18th level fighter is specced for Weighted Warhammers. I ran with Greenstl last night, who is also weighted specced, and it was a blast. As a result, I'm looking for other players to run with that are specced for weighted/stunning blow.

TWF Weighted Warhammer specced fighters, or TWF barbarians preferred.

I also want smite-happy paladins with big crit multipliers that want to have fun. (Greataxe or TWF Heavy Picks)

Anyone interested? I need to make some power-farm groups for Amrath ingredients farming, Elite Amrath/end-game, and epic content!

03-05-2010, 06:13 PM
How much are you paying? (doesn't WTB mean Want To Buy?)

03-05-2010, 06:26 PM
How much are you paying? (doesn't WTB mean Want To Buy?)

I think he Wants To Brag. ;)

03-06-2010, 03:00 PM
Looking for / Willing to Buy - it's a joke.

03-06-2010, 03:17 PM
You called? have greensteel ,will smite.:cool:

03-06-2010, 08:01 PM
excellent, friend Krythan!

03-07-2010, 12:46 AM
nice thread krythan im your warhammer specced friend and yeah that was fun.