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03-04-2010, 09:19 AM
I've read several articles about the failed history of DDO adding new races, pleas for new races, and have even come across some forums where members were polled informally by other members. It seems three races are most sought after: gnomes, half-elves, and half-orc.

While new races would be "graphically" pleasing, I don't see the point. The hack & slash nature of DDO doesn't lend itself well the racial benefits of any of the races. I'm an ol' pnp D&Der and when I look at these suggestions, I have to side with those that want new races, but as a player I don't see the point.

In PnP D&D, race weighed very heavily into the factor of your character creation. Many races provided benefits and weaknesses to character creation. Further, depending on the campaign, various races faced social and role playing challenges. The culture and background of these races weighed heavily in each campaign and to a degree dictated "natural marriages" of races & class.

Gnomes, cousins of dwarves, were more precise; their secondary skills focused on more detailed and precise creations such as jewelry. Therefore gnomes were natural illusionists. Half-elves found themselves caught between two worlds, those of man and elf--never truly finding a home in either, and were natural loners, lending to their tendency to be rangers and creating many role playing issues. Half-orcs typically found themselves seeking acceptance from "man" and suffering the slings & arrows of their orchish lineage.

In DDO, none of this matters. While PnP DDO provided for class restrictions and even class level limits, DDO allows for limitless possibilities. With the exception of the Darksun campaign, where else would you see a halfling barbarian? Tolkien's portrayal of Hobbits stressed that adventuring or doing anything untoward was very "un-Hobbit like." Yet it is possible in DDO for a halfing barbarian.

At best, new classes to DDO will simply mean moving around "+1 and -1" to different abilities for different races. Sure, some new enhancements could be added, but would they really be all that different than what we have now? Until more story threads / role play opportunities present, it really doesn't matter what you create. Even with ability modifiers, the point is moots as "+1" drops for almost every chest.

Even the existing races we have now are very soft on racial abilities. No drow faerie fire? No infra vision? What's the point of picking a dwarf or an elf?

Don't get me wrong...I'm a fan of many races and each added incredible dimensions to the campaigns I've played in: Soaring Kenkus and winged folk, doppleganger (changeling) assassins, gnoll rangers, hamadryad druids, there was even one race we pirated from Dragon Magazie a human/goat/satyr thingy.

If you think about it, even alignment is relatively pointless in this game. Sure it allows you to use some weapon and some spells (depending on class), but it really doesn't seem to matter if you're chaotic evil or lawful good.

Some of the oldest D&D games (Baldur's Gate) provided more opportunities, story lines, and consequences for who you had in your group and what you chose to put together than DDO. Alignment had always been a way to set guidelines for how one's character "acts." It's irrelevant in DDO.

Not sure how Turbine could "fix" this, but if they could, the game would be completely fresh.

03-04-2010, 10:03 AM
Turbine intends to implement more race-defining idea's and prestiges, much like Dwarven Defender. From the basic starting races, Drow was a big deal at the time (A 32 pt build without acquiring 1750 favor, which was almost impossible). Granted, stat points dont make or break a race, but it does help.

I saw a little more flux with how they viewed races when Favored Souls were released, and that certain races could only follow certain paths.

I am sure they have on the table a workable solution, but nothing drastic like you're suggesting. I just dont see why they would rework the entire system for something that is generating a boatload of cash for them. Just doesn't make much business sense.