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03-01-2010, 05:44 PM
I'm currently in a guild but leaving it soon. I was friendly with the leader, however he's not playing as much and the guild has somewhat degenerated for me. I am the 3rd highest level char in the guild at the moment which means I PUG everything.

Who I am:
I'm a 33-year old casual player who plays about 1 hour a day or so, between 8pm and midnight Pacific time on weekdays and randomly on weekends. Because of my limited time, I don't like waiting around much if possible however I can be patient when needed. I perfer grouping to soloing. I'm not super-experienced in DDO (my highest is level 14) but I read the forums and I've played PnP since I was 12. I listen, can follow directions and adjust my playstyle to the needs of the group. I don't take myself too seriously and I also really like to use commas in my sentences.

What I play:
I have a 28-point level 14 Str-based pure Assassin Rogue, who can trap/lock as well (search +40 buffed, disable is over +40 buffed).
Once I reach 1750 favor (I'm at 1350 now) I also plan to roll a 32-point FvS.
I am a ViP.
If you want to see what I logged out in: http://my.ddo.com/character/sarlona/fleebag/
I don't have any greensteel items, and I'm probably woefully equipped compared to someone who has access to an active raiding guild.

What I'm looking for:
A guild of mostly casual but skilled folks like me around my level who are consistiently online around the same time as I am and would like me in their group.

What I'm not looking for:
bad players

Can you please help me find a guild that's right for me?

03-01-2010, 06:12 PM
I'm an officer in Twisted Fate, we are a group of 20-40 somethings that play the
game to have fun first and kick butt 2nd :)

We raid, we craft, we help out our members with gear and such, if you don't want
help from your guild we may not be right for you because if you want to raid....you
need the right gear and we have plenty of it laying in dusty bank vaults waiting for
a proud new owner.

Most of us have played pnp and love it, we are a mid-sized guild with about 9-15 peeps on at peak hours. I myself play around exactly the same hours you listed.

Anyways look us up, I'll let guildies know they may get a tell from you if I'm not on.

Hope you give us a shout.

Later & have a good one!

(alts listed in sig)

03-11-2010, 02:21 PM
Hey Flee, the Rogue Saints are always looking for new members. RS is a multi-gaming clan that's been around for a few years. We generally have an minimum age limit of around 20, though there are a couple of exceptions. We have folks on every night mainly from eastern and central times but would still be on during the play times you're talking about. I know I don't get on til close to 10 p.m. central and am usually on until 1:30 or so. We are all pretty laid back and are just having fun trying to figure it all out. We share equipment and tips when we can but at the moment none of our members are old-time vets with tons of extra stuff sitting around so the sharing happens when someone pulls something that someone else needs or is better suited for it. Anyway, we're having fun figuring stuff out together. If you're interested take a look at our website or you can look for Antello, Gambill, or Baylore in-game. If not us, hope you find something that works for you.