View Full Version : High Guarde's back! And in recruitment!

03-01-2010, 08:14 AM
New beginnings are always a great thing, especially when a guild is returning to the world. I created High Guarde on Sarlona about a year ago, and built a large, community-based guild that focused on having fun playing DDO. High Guarde is in recruitment right now, and we're aiming to setup a guild that functions by the standards you're lookin for. We're focused on having a fun community for the guildies in which they can rely upon one another to party and do quests together--However, the main rule is to be laid back and have fun with it, this game isn't very hard or time-consuming(unless you want it to be :) ) and it doesn't require stressing out over. So with both those things in mind (smart players, fun players, good people), send me a tell in game at Legomyaggro, Shortstacked Supercasual(I'm usually on super) if you'd like to talk about joining. You can also contact Nargon or Gabrella. As of now we're lacking higher levels. Also as a little incentive, we're looking to fill out the officer positions aswell (I'm hoping to fill in 5 officers total). Of course, becoming an officer requires that you become a member first, and show your leadership abilities.
Right now we're about 20 strong, but we'd like to get up to about 40-50 members before we shut down recruitment, so send me a tell in-game and we can talk about whether or not it's a good fit!