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02-24-2010, 03:13 PM
I usually have a lot of time to think, and I've been having odd ideas for quests, so I'm going to start leaving them as suggestions. While I don't believe they may ever truly make it into the game, it is a cathartic thought that maybe the developers might use them.
I'm going to start with the first quest in a chain that I've been thinking about, and slowly work my way towards a raid like end quest, so stay tuned as by this time tomorrow I should have the first one done.

As a special preview;

General Story/Flavor of Quest: Recently there has been an increasing number of attacks in the Harbor area, no one ever sees what happens to the victims, but they all share the common trait of every bone in their body being shattered as if it were glass. As well it seems that someone has been able to remove certain priceless artifacts from one of the most powerful coin lords vaults, and Lord Draiden Vail is less than pleased about this turn of events. It all seemed to start when an man claiming to be an ambassador from a group calling themselves 'The Spirits of Harmony' appeared in the Harbor with a handful of his acolytes. This ambassador is very pale looking Half-Elf named Torao, he regularly preaches in the Harbor, and occasionally in the market place, about the power of self awareness, how much his enlightenment has bettered his life, and how 'much it could better everyone;s. Lord Vail believes that Torao and his followers are responsible for the violent murders, and the theft from his vault, but does not want to risk all out war with an entirely unknown entity, or group of people. So he is sending you to the building that Torao purchased upon arriving in the city to 'join' his following, and find out what he and his followers are doing to the citizens of Stormreach, and see if you can't find out if he is in possession of any of the missing artifacts as he and the other Coinlords are rather busy trying to handle the current issues with the Dar Quat traders.

(Yes I'm aware of the glaring similarities between the beginning of this story and the whole of the Inspired Quarter)

02-26-2010, 02:26 AM
So my normal laptop is currently fried. Hence the lack of an update. A friend is letting me use his for a while. So I should have the quest design up in the next day or so. Sorry for the tardiness.