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02-23-2010, 10:49 PM
Static Madness is a static group on the Orien server. We are looking for a sixth member. We play on Tues evening at 7 pm CST. We are looking for a dps-er or tank. You can either start at first level or fourth level if you have vet status. Either way we'll quest with you until you reach our current level. With the XP this weekend, it would be great if we could get you on board soon!

Below are the preliminary guidelines for the group. If you are interested or have questions please send me a PM.


Quest Level Selection
1. No zerging. A static group is meant to rely on team work and strategy (not that zerging isn’t a strategy).

2. All quests will be run at the highest level difficulty available to the group.

3. The highest level member sets the floor for which level quests can be run. For example, if the highest level member is level 4 then the lowest level quest that can be run is a level 4.

4. If a quest chain is being run, the last segment of the quest chain determines the level for the entire quest chain, i.e., Tangle Root on hard is a level 8 quest.

Static Group

The primary benefit of a static group is to build group cohesion and develop effective strategies for overcoming challenging adventures in an effort to reach the endgame. To that end, the following guidelines for ensuring group cohesion will be followed.

6. All quests will be completed with members from the guild, even Korthos. No PUG’ing and no solo play.

7. Guild members may not purchase hireling contracts or use hirelings.

8. Quests will only be run if there is a quorum. Four players from the guild at a minimum are required to initiate quests.

9. Members of the static group should not miss two consecutive scheduled runs.

10. If a member misses a quest, they are not allowed to solo quests. If a quorum can be established a make up quests can be run.

11. All guild members must stay within two levels of one another (i.e., when one guild member is level 6 the lowest level member cannot be below level 4). If more than one guild member drops below the allowed level spread then they may adventure together to get within the spread.

12. Sub-grouping is allowed to ensure that all guild members stay within the level spread. However, once all members of the sub-group are within the level spread then the sub-group should be disbanded.

Other Rules

13. No spoilers. Don’t talk about what is coming up in a quest. You don't have to pretend you've never done a quest but respect that others may not have or that they may have forgotten details. For example, don’t call traps if your character can’t spot them. Don’t ask someone what is behind the next door. Don’t ask what resists you need if you don’t know. You can (and should) warn others if your character spots the trap. You can scout ahead and report to others what lies ahead. You can cast a resist spell on a group-mate prior to an encounter or watch what resists they used. It’s acceptable to ask the caster to put a resist on you when you know what’s coming. Just don’t spoil surprises for others. If they’ve forgotten what elite Kobold Shamans throw, they’ll be reminded soon enough. If you see a group-mate running into certain death, ask them to stop a moment, slow down or let a scout go first. Feel free to discuss details after an encounter as that's how we learn.

14. No PUG’ing. Did I already mention that? Do not group with others outside the static group.

15. The group will not exit and re-enter a quest. We will not re-enter to complete objectives or loot until the instance re-sets. It makes sense that if you can exit the Kobold lair to recoup, so can the Kobolds. If you have to recall from a quest before completion, let the instance reset. In the event that it is necessary for a member to re-enter the quest to save a fellow member, re-entry prior to re-set is acceptable.

Economy: Live off the land

Currently DDO's economy and ease of obtaining magic items and equipment does not accurately reflect the economy of the era in which questing took place. While this is less likely on a new server, there are significant restrictions to what can be legitimately purchased and from whom it can be purchased. These restrictions are intended to maintain character and game balance. It also encourages members to value what their character gains.

16. First and foremost, no twinking. Do not accept ANY gifts from anyone outside of the Static group

17. Guild members can share items that are found in chests.

18. End rewards cannot be traded (They’re bound anyway.)

19. Unwanted items may be sold to vendors or brokers, to can earn gold.

20. Do not use the auction house to buy or sell items. Do not monitor auctions for non static group characters. This helps ensure equipment stays at a moderate level. It restricts money flow into the static group and encourages individual economic strategy.

21. You are allowed to purchase items from Favored House vendors such as House D arrows and the like.

22. Do not purchase items from the DDO store.

All character classes play an essential role in the guild. In general, each member will be fairly well specialized. This specialization should be respected by other group members.

03-08-2010, 07:05 PM
We're still looking so if you're interested send me a PM.