View Full Version : Disassembling unwanted greensteel

02-21-2010, 05:01 PM
Since the release of the shroud, I believe many players have compiled several crafts that are no longer of any use, either because they are on retired characters or are just not an optimal piece of gear to accommodate the latest gameplay changes. Not to mention accidental crafts, that I am sure, many of us had at least some point in time.

With the advent of epic crafting, greensteel weapons have been outperformed (for now) with other weapons such as the epic sword of shadows, xuum, chaosblades, and others...

All of the time spent to farm ingredients and gather shards, not to mention potential trades and sales executed to achieve the above desired, essentially goes to rest once the items are no longer needed.

Personally, as a fighter, I am obviously forced to specialize in a weapon to prolong my kensai PrE. So, now that the epic SoS is on my "hitlist," I will obviously attempt to respec for greatswords to get the most benefit out of it, rendering my greensteel greataxes useless in comparison. Barbarians, for example, won't exacty have that problem since their efficiency is independant of the weapon they are using (in terms of their PrE).

What I propose is to create a system by which greensteel items of any tier can be taken apart into its original constituents. By no means would I suggest it be free, but create "disassembly tokens" or a different kind of "energy cell" that corresponds to the tier in need of disassembly.

No to mention reincarnation of one character into a different one, the old greensteel items may not be usful on that character any longer. So after grinding the xp to cap out a TR, you would aso need to grind out the greensteel items to accommodate that new character. Disassembly would be better.

The scarcity of cleansing stones in the game demands some sort of balance. Being able to at least uncleanse a cleansed item and retrieve the original stone used would be a fair compensation for the time needed to actually acquire several stones to decorate your character in shroud items.

Just some things I think would add some flavor to shroud crafting...