View Full Version : arrow conversion plz

02-21-2010, 05:21 AM
hi 95% of the time i check my quivers i find that I had accumlated only one drop of a particular type of arrow. I once had 3 wide quivers filled with 20 stacks of very random arrows/bolts.. (exception of 2 stacks that hit maybe 40 or 60)

Meaning I pick up this arrow type one time and who really values 20 arrows enough to not vendor away, give to friend possibly, etc? I occasionally auction but it is not usually easy to find someone willing to buy multiple 20 stacks even at 20% base or something, other than NPC

Anyways I am thinking it would be nice if there was an NPC who traded mainly in arrows and bolts.. Or something like this. Maybe an alter, NPC, etc.. Basically no matter what the formula the suggested premis I make is that we can somehow turn a bunch of random +# of random effect arrows/bolts into a solid stack