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02-20-2010, 03:04 PM
We're a medium to heavy RP guild that's looking for new members. Are you a fan of the World of Greyhawk? So are we! PM here or contact Zerixa in-game by tell or mail.

The young drow elf shook her head as the dark fog in her head receded. Opening her eyes, she saw the beach at the same time that her mind registered that she was in a warmer place than she was in before. Very slowly getting into a kneeling position, she looked around. Her surroundings were far different than the underground city she was in not... hours? days ago? Who knows how long she'd been unconscious on the beach?

She saw the wreckage of a shipwreck scattered about her, and a halfling sifting through the debris. She wondered briefly about her gear, only to remember that it had been removed from her when she was captured by the Valsharess of her home city. She recalled, with a faint chuckle, her defiance of the alliance between the city and of the Kingdom of Iuz above, and her "who rules who" declaration, just before the ritual began that would have turned her into a drider.

She chuckled softly. "Well, looks like that didn't go so well, did it?" she said softly to herself. This got the halfling's attention, who seemed to be a bit surprised at the interruption of his searching.

"Hey there, are you all right?" the halfling inquired, looking up at her as she stood up.

She couldn't help but laugh. "Oh, if you only knew..."

07-17-2010, 01:45 PM
(Dusting this ad off, giving it another try.)

07-17-2010, 01:51 PM
Wow are you lost, you aren't even in Greyhawk :cool: