View Full Version : Caster Damage

02-18-2010, 06:01 PM
I am sure that what I am about to suggest has been suggested before, however with the substantial boost to damage by working PRE in melee classes I believe it is time to bring it up again.

Melee classes have the highest sustained DPS and that is pretty much as it should be, however my problem is when their sustained dps is within range of a caster burst dps.

A Maximised etc caster should be the biggest burst dps available by a long way (you can put casting FS and Clerics in same category)

Currently if you crit with a polar ray (even with full enhancements and sup 8 enhancement) you are only doing a bit more than a crit by a barb (or the same if they proc with their gs elemental burst if using)

While persistent spells such as wof etc do very good damage due to persistence, the dps of burst spells even with full feats and enhacement drops off at end game and before.

I suggest that a bump in dps could be achieved by giving a bonus based on feats passively to burst only spells such as DBF and Polar Ray. These would be either equal to the active effects or somewhere that is calculated to support an effective dps increase.

This bonus would stack with active activation for very high burst damage, it may be required to increase the meta costs for active use, but at least increases the viability of caster burst dps.