View Full Version : Looking for guild ( older folks not nessesarily mature)

02-18-2010, 01:03 PM
Me and 5 friends quit wow after 4 years and picked up DDO, well they went back to wow and I personally like DDO way more.

So now i would like to look for a guild with nice people primarily adults.
I dont mind if there is kids in guild as long as there other members kids and not random nose pickin 12 yr olds.
I cant play with drama and bickering, or blatant fools
I am 34 and married

im only lvl 5 atm 1 more rank to hit 6
I play a few nights a week for a few hrs usually every other day, as i do have other priorities in RL that come b4 gaming, getting on at around 7-8pm est and playing till 10 or 11
I would like some seriousness, not a bunch of people getting to lvl 4 and rerolling 43 times

been playing MMOs for years so im only new to the DDO format but so far i am picking it up well

I play a pally tank build ( junts self healing tank) and have been soloing everything up to hard, using a cleric hire for hard quests at lvl 4+
succesfully soloed most lvl 1-3 quests on elite so i would say im a decent player so far

I am F2P atm but highly considering getting vip just trying to weigh it out to see if its worth it.

so if u have a guild post here or my toons name is khanto ingame u can send a inv i will be on this evening.


03-24-2010, 03:58 PM
my apologies.