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02-16-2010, 11:39 PM
Guild Name: Perma Death Veteran's Lounge

Guild Type: Hardcore/PermaDeath-Minded.

Guild website: None yet. If the Guild flourishes, then one will be made.

Guild Contacts: Currently just starting out. Contact myself InGame:: Aeronael. Or through PM here. (InGame is advised under the characters:: Alpemael, Scythera, Dantael, or the Guild Leader Aeronael. All Sarlona Server.)

Recruiting status: Process will be slow, but yes.

About you: This Guild is NOT a Perma Death Guild, but follows the Spirit of Serious Play used in Perma Death.
It is here where a member of a Perma Death Guild can use Alts to Group with others within the Guild, under the serious style in PD guilds, without the serious rules.
Serious rules include Deletion of a Character that has died, the inability to trade with characters outside the Guild, the inability to use Auction House and other sources to gain Wpns, Armor, and many other items, as well as the inability to use shrines during missions (Hardcore)
I wish to create this Guild to create a place that others who are apart of and enjoy the professionalism of PD can group together with others of the same sort, yet still enjoy the comforts of DDO.

In a Nut Shell: Being able to count on others to Actually do their jobs that they are supposed to do. I know this is a game, but a certain ammount of seriousness is something that gets the job done.
I encourage a fun time, where you don't dread going on missions with 'Guildies' because one always seems to have a stick up his OR her #$%. I wish for an efficient and supportive group, full of members new and seasoned, that all have a single mindset. Advancement.

NOTE: This is in no way associated with any PD Guild, this has not been approved nor is supported by Parvo. (Though I would be happy to ask for his support and/or participation.)

It is a simple invitation to a Guild where you can enjoy the leisures of DDO, and still count on the professionalism.

A Simple Request::: This is a post, for a Guild, looking for members and supporters. IF you do not like the idea, feel it will fail, or think ANY kind of negative thoughts about it. Do me a simple and understandable favor. Do not post.
Criticism is welcome, insults are not.

02-18-2010, 07:20 AM
Marketing Suggestion:

List what you CAN do. And explain that if it's not listed...it's not allowed.
or ViceVersa.

The simple clarity of things will attract like minded people that fit your play style.... IMO.

Good luck.

02-18-2010, 07:40 AM
This Guild is NOT a Perma Death Guild .... Serious rules include Deletion of a Character that has died.........

You should really make a clear rule list first :)