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02-16-2010, 02:15 PM
1st off since this is a game about playing in groups for the most part and guilds are encouraged as being in a guild can be very helpful to new players... I purpose this idea

A guild armoury

guild has a 100 slot bank account

a new rank is set for guilds


gm can set as many people to this rank as he chooses thay can in turn withdraw or deposit gear into the acount to be dispersed to those in need.

Up grade to this that could be bought at the ddo store by gm

10 sets of 5 slot lock boxes at the bank
the armourer can deposit up to 5 items into the box and then from a drop down list of all members of the guild select a players name the player whos name is selected gets mail that a lock box is waiting for him at the bank and he has 5 days to get thos items before they are returned to the guild armoury.

once the box has been open the items must be removed any thing left in the box is returned to the guild account and the box is freed to be reused by the armourer.

second idea

mail box

when adding to who you want to send a mail to a drop down of people on our friends list would be very much appreciated as you tend to send mail to those you know... this would make life so much easer for the dyslexics in the game