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02-15-2010, 04:13 AM
Hello !

The more I play DDO, the more I want a Harbor Invasion. I often think this :

You just get out of the Wayward Lobster, and you hear a horn blow, followed by : "TO AAAARRRRMS !"
Fights and yells could be heard from the Marketplace. Some fighting NPCs would help us. The ennemies could be some pirates, or maybe a mindless army, controlled by a Mind Flayer ?

You'll tell me : "You've been in Xoriat for too long. Stop dreaming insane dude ! Low lvls will be pwned !"
Well, as there's 5 harbor instances, those could be used for the level. There could be a warning, saying "Be prepared, instances are per lvl blah blah". If you enter in the Harbor, you'd be put in your lvl range. It could be : 1-4, 4-8, 8-12, 12-16, 16-20. With several waves, a few bosses, and maybe the Mind Flayer to kill !

Why an Invasion ? All quests are about attack this, raid this, or with a little defence (Madstone Crater), but never a huge siege that could be awesome !

02-15-2010, 08:55 AM
While it might be a good idea, I personally think it would be very difficult for this game to be able to handle such a huge raid. Plus, what if you fail and die in the raid? There goes the harbor!

While it could be implemented, there would have to be a LOT more thinking done about this before it could be a potential idea. Your at a good start, you need to keep adding the pieces in together until you complete the suggestion puzzle.

02-15-2010, 09:29 AM
They had something along those lines in the marketplace a few years back. I don't remember what Mod it was (I'm sure someone will :) ). Basically where you walk into the market and the Subt is currently located, there used to be a big tent where all the vendors would be. I had taken 2-3 months off and came back. Now when you walked into the market they had devils porting in and out, maybe a few other creatures too, can't remember exactly, probably some orthons too (I just remember being brained on more than 1 occasion by a devil or 2).

Now personally I thought it was fun. It made it a challenge just getting from point A to B. But they just implemented Casual play because a large portion of the new player base felt DDO was too hard. I think it will be counter-productive to what Turbine is currently focusing on, which is making the game more accesible for more people. Would it be fun? I think so. It would be nice to have a no-limit character raid, maybe have it scaled to the amount of people in the instance. But there would be a lot of issues (for example, your screen being completely filled with everyone's HP/SP bars), but I'm sure they could be overcome, say like having overhead floating bars automatically set for that instance.

Although being a good idea, an idea which was kind of implemented in the past, I doubt we will see its return unless maybe confined to a House. The harbor is still a learning curve instance, and Turbine would lose a lot of potential future customers because of the difficulty that would have to entail to make it even slightly interesting.

+1 rep for creative thinking, just don't think we will see it again.

02-15-2010, 09:33 AM
Id love to see this as a quest, mabe not a free for all fight type thing.
it would be nice to have a raid or something where you would fight your way into one of the houses after an invasion to kill the boss guy.
you could also have this at multiple levels... maybe pirates for 4-6ish undead for 10-12 ish and devils for 16-18 ish, kinda like devils assault!

02-15-2010, 09:46 AM
Well, the Harbor (and all of Stormreach) was INVADED in a huge f'ing way when they were closing down the Beta server last summer. Put it this way, Velah flying down and perching on TOP of the leaky Dingy was the LEAST of our worries in that epic battle.

There are some awesome screens shots from those sessions. Oh and in addition to the numerous named raid bosses that descended, there were hoards of lesser beings emerging from the harbor waters constantly.

If fighting one HOroth is fun, try fighting 3 Horoths at once in the Marketplace near all the trainers while Elder Ghostly Beholders dispell everything constantly. It was wild and crazy. Very wild and crazy. But it was also very very very deadly to characters, to the extent that they spawned rez shrines all over the place as well. More than a few characters had to continue fighting almost nekkid due to repeated deaths and gear damage...

Check out this thread here....awesome shots...


02-15-2010, 09:55 AM
I missed the beta harbor attack, that sounded awesome. I was around to watch the marketplace tent go boom and that was great.
The ice thing is neat and I like adding frost to weapons but making a public area subject to attack again would be great fun.

02-15-2010, 01:32 PM
The problem with the marketplace destruction was that it was HORRENDOUSLY laggy.

It was fun, and the tent explosion was AWESOME.

But with the huge increase in population we've recieved since EU went live, I'm just not sure that the servers could handle the load.

So, Invasion? The tech is already there because they've used it before, and it's a lot of fun.

But, running in place unable to attack while you get beat-down by the swarm may not be in the best interest of keeping the new playerbase.

02-19-2010, 06:50 AM
Hm, an invasion as an event may not be the best idea. However, it could be a raid ! As it is in the Harbor, and with LOTS of opponents, there could be a new group option : siege. More than 12, but maybe not 24 (poor clerics that must watch all those dudes...).

The quest giver could be someone in the Wayward lobster, saying :"I've heard some strange and scary rumors this times. The harbor is not as safe as it should be. You should be on your guard, and maybe patrol around."

Grabbing your, let's say 15 friends ( 16 players total ), you'd get out of the tavern. Two or three guards (Oh yes. Some NPCs should fight with you, the city guards, adding some EPICNESS to the quest.) would pass by, one stop and says :"It's not going to be safe here. You should go in the marketplace, or somewhere safer." The player would answer :"Not safe ? I'm an adventurer, not a defenceless lady ! We are all adventurers ! We'll fight with you."
The guard would then bring you to the harbormaster's house walls (the one where the ramp was, with the good view on the Harbor). The guard would leave you saying :"Stay here, and be ready to draw your swords !"

You'd wait around one or two minutes, and around ten ships (This is gonna be a bit hard. In DDO, moving objects can't seem to be touchable. Means those ships will dock, and a "touchable" one will spawn over them when they're stopped.) Some guards will shout "To arms ! The harbor's attacked !". Pirates (Humans, Elves, Bugbears, and a few trolls) would come out of the ships. Your objective : Defend the two harbor entrances (The one up the entrance of the Waterworks, the other leading to the fountain.) A barricade will be set on these two entrances. For the fountain, it will be between the two houses bording the end of the stairs. For the Waterworks, it will be at the last set of stairs (Means not the level where the dwarf-with-bow is, but the one just under him), as well as between the two towers near the Marketplace door, and right of the stairs. These barricades will have a fair amount of "health" (They may be considered as constructs), and the ennemies will try to destroy thems. For the fountain, the best way for meleers will be to jump from the roofs to the other side of the barricade. For casters/rangers, stay on the roofs ! The stairs won't be a lot different. Meleers : other side, casters/rangers, higher level.

If the barricades are destroyed, you won't lose. However, if the monsters reach the marketplace gate or the banker for the fountain, you'll lose. So keep the barricades up, as there's hordes of monsters. When the waves are defeated, a few guards will go grab each group to say : "We may win with your help ! We must attack the ships now !"

So the 8 players of each group (16 total, so 8 and 8 is good) will have to attack 5 ships each. Two or three ships will contain a boss. When they are defeated, the guards will say :"Hooray ! The harbor is safe !"
However, just after this, a huge Dimension Door (Saw the one in Mired Kobolds ? Well the same kind, maybe another color) would appear over the water, and another ship would appear. It would be... XORIAN ! A flesh-ship. It would stop in front of you (the players must regroup), and a Mind Flayer will appear on the ship.
"Pathetic fools ! You have only defeated a part of my army ! You won't be able to defeat all my soldiers ! HAHAHAHA ! You fools. You'll be my next squad !" On this, he casts the invincible bubble around him, and send some mindless stuff, as well as some Xorian hounds. When all those opponents are defeated, the bubble disapear. "You've fought a small part of my power. Now, I will fight you. And I will win, fleshlings !" (Yeah, if there's a Warforged, it won't be awesome...) On this, he attacks. All mindflayer stuff, so when you kill him, the Dimension Door closes, he falls on the ground, and says :"Hahaha...Hah... You fools... Now, die in... Madness..."
He casts a last spell, and dies. The ship blows. All what is remain of the ships fly, and go in the water, building a flesh pedestral. On it, a Xorian portal opens.

Now, the real madness begins. Some tentacles grab the docks, building some kind of bridges. Hounds, Orbs, Renders comes out. If there are some remaining guards, they become insane and attacks you. Around five beholders comes out too (not at the same time of course). Finnaly, as they are all defeated, a storm starts over the Harbor. The final boss comes out of the portal, and this portal closes. I don't know what the boss can be... A beholder is a bit too casual. Maybe a new monster ? Anyway, it is purple-named, and is tough, sometimes me makes some tentacles come out of the water and slap you. When he's defeated, he falls in the water, the flesh-bridges and pedestrals disapear, you fall in the water. You go back on the Docks, guards, all the Harbor's survivors says "Cheers for the Heroes ! For our Adventurers !". Some guards come and says : "We've gathered the invader's weapons, the few chests we've found, and what they have plundered." You can either accept to take the plundered items, or deny, and gain additional favor. The guard leads you to a point of the harbor where 3-4 chests are. There's also two gold piles, and another one named "Plundered items" (so if you deny, you still can loot the 4 chests and the two piles. The plundered pile is a bit better, but it's not really good to take the citizen's items !)

I think I'm done. Pfew. Oh yes, Shrines. There would be one res/rest shrine at each barricade, as well as in two of the 10 ships.

02-19-2010, 12:56 PM
Post edited about the barricades.

02-20-2010, 03:46 AM
Advices/ideas/suggestions ?

02-21-2010, 01:27 PM
I am amazed by the interest of the other players on this thread !

02-21-2010, 02:06 PM
WOW!! i just saw the beta dragon nest pics!!! epicness indeed there, (if a turbine guy is reading this, DO IT AGAIN!!! :D)
epic idea on the harbour invasion raid, i would love it if there was an invasion type raid thing in al the houses, but...
i think, however, that te party shouldnt have to be spit that far away from each other, maybe something like it starting off just holding back the market entrance, and then advancing as they can toward the ships, where they can have some sort of irestone-esqe task to blow up the ships, before the big mindflayer storms in and summons a butt-load of dragons (theres no dungon in this quest, so there should dam well be some dragons :D) that circle around for a bit, then fly down and attack, then, there could be the big boss fight with the mind flayer... im thinking get dominate monster work on the players and it turns on freindly fire! then, just so it looks more epic invasiony, the chests should be replaced with massive gold piles, with equipment and bits of dead troll and dragon in them (red dragon leg, +4 greatclub, flaming burst, greater combustion VI, dragon bane, +50% hate vs dragons etc...)


...so sayeth the funk...

02-24-2010, 05:30 AM
Re-reading my post, 16 players is insane. Maybe 12 should be enough.

02-24-2010, 08:16 AM
The problem with the marketplace destruction was that it was HORRENDOUSLY laggy.

It was fun, and the tent explosion was AWESOME.

But with the huge increase in population we've recieved since EU went live, I'm just not sure that the servers could handle the load.

So, Invasion? The tech is already there because they've used it before, and it's a lot of fun.

But, running in place unable to attack while you get beat-down by the swarm may not be in the best interest of keeping the new playerbase.

The tent event was the ending of this all. Yes that was very laggy as darn near everyone showed up for it. Days leading up to that, devils would spawn and attack in the marketplace, that wasn't laggy, people didn't inordinately come for that. So something in that vein can work, I've felt there should be more of this, perhaps even a common occurrence. Just adds a little more life.

There is one fellow in the marketplace between the bank and vendors on the bridge that showed up on the last update, that is warning of impending doom coming our way?

02-24-2010, 08:32 AM
After both of the Battle Royale endings to the two Betas this game has seen (06 and Unlimited's in 09), and the Market Invasion event - there have been a lot of public interest in keeping these sort of events going. Even if only on a semi-regular basis. They are huge amounts of fun, even if the lag can be a bit on the heavy side.

IMHO, one server a month (or every two-months) could be prepped for an Invasion Day style event. And on that day, all **** breaks lose, kinda like they did in those events listed above.

The Cons to an event like this would be lag, and the uninformed player perhaps feeling like they were unprepared.

But the Pros would be a tighter bond between the players on the server, and epicly fun memories... Well worth some lag, imho. I know I was as frustrated by the lag in the Market Invasion as anyone, but I am so glad I was there for it - and it is hands down one of the most memorable and cool things I've been a part of in any game, period. I think it'd be awesome to do that on a smaller scale every so often.

Give the new players a taste of the truely epic, and get DDO on the map for not just the best **** Free to Play MMO around today - but for some of the best **** Live Events around today.

Besides, we need more of this in Stormreach:
(end of Unlimited Beta, 09)

02-24-2010, 08:42 AM
Hey memnir, you missing all the Dragons and Doomspheres that showed up around the harbor gate tooo....

I got wing buffeted OVER the Lighthouse from about where this shot was taken, until I hit the edge of the world. That was kinda cool, but with no terrain in the sky, could not have slowed down much anyway...

I never moved across open terrain so fast before or since...

02-24-2010, 08:46 AM
Hey memnir, you missing all the Dragons and Doomspheres that showed up around the harbor gate tooo....Oh, I have pics of those too - and the same thing happened to me. Which is how I happened to get that shot. (was running back up the Harbor Steps from WW after rebounding off the Lighthouse) :D

02-27-2010, 08:15 AM
Bump. I need thoughts on the quest.

02-27-2010, 08:50 AM
Oh, I have pics of those too - and the same thing happened to me. Which is how I happened to get that shot. (was running back up the Harbor Steps from WW after rebounding off the Lighthouse) :D

Lol...it was a pretty awesome few hours of endless top end chaos and destruction.

What was really cruel near where this shot was taken was when the evil powers that be dropped a Huge Cube on top the shrine, amidst all the fogs, clouds and other effects, so it was effectively invisible. I think I gained about 3 or 4 deaths in about 15 seconds from rezzing, dieing from cube damage, rezzing, etc. Rez shrines were like popcorn poppers....

It was really fun to hook up with random other players from other servers and coordinate attacks. It was effectively a free for all Raid zone, without friendly fire. From the banter of the GM's activating the evil hordes, they had fun too...

It was also perversly amusing watching some of the low level characters try to hit/hurt the various Raid Bosses. "Hey I can't seem to hit this guy!! Does he have some sick AC?!..." "Ummmm, its only like 50"....."HOly ^%^&%, I need 20's....I'm out of here..."

They should have Velah swoop down and buzz the ICE games and wing buffet a few of them flyers and send them into the Inspired Quarter....:D:eek:

02-27-2010, 08:59 AM
The devil invasion in the Market Place was AWESOME!! At one point I think I saw 27 Market Place Instances on Argo. The Lag wasn't bad at first... But when people were doing nonstop Instance jumps to find the Orthons and Devils... that when the Lg got Horrendous. Didn't help when a people would type in General "Orthons in Market _". Everyone would jump over to that Market, find nothing, then jump to another.

But it was a LOT of fun!