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02-15-2010, 02:25 AM
My group of Rl friends and i would like to find another person or 2 to run quests with us on a regular basis on sundays and mondays usualy on sun we start at around 12 to 2 Cst and play till 10 to midnight and on mondays start at 6 cst and go till 10 to midnight .

We are currently between the levels 12 and 15 usual party is a barb , human kopesh exploiter build , Wiz/rog toolbox style toon and i can play either a cleric 15 or a 14 dps meatshield type toon , We also are often joined by another friend who plays 12 WF barb most of the time we have 2 slots available sometimes only 1 however so looking for people who can be flexible and wont turn sour if our 5th friend logs in and we need to get him a spot in the group after we finish whatever quest we are currently doing .

Idealy we would like a Clr Fvs for the permanent 6th spot as once we get a few more levels ill play my sorc with them again for another arcane and for the 5th spot / alternate we are open to any non gimped build though we have traps handled in spades and would prob prefer some kind of utility / dps maybe a bard or another arcane caster or any pure dps style melee build would be fine.

The only rules we want are the ability to hear use a mic (unless your deaf then we dont mind to type Wife is a deaf interpreter anyhow so we will make this work for anyone in the deaf community that is interested ) and have a good attitude , not be a beggar . I dont want the previous comment to make us sound like we are jerks we are all very nice and willing to give things away to the best person for it ext but having someone who constantly asks can i have those gems you looted ext will not fly with us .

Also rushing constantly or berrating people when a mistake is made ( my wife will make mistakes she is a novice gamer compared to most of us that game though she tries hard and does a good job 95 % of the time ) will not be tolerated we play to have fun not to stroke egos or have a nazi bark orders abought the best way this or that . This is not to say we are not open to ideas and suggestions we are and a veteran player would be most welcome and we would almost always be willing to defer to there quest knowledge but saying things like this is the best way do it are not what we are looking for .

If you think you might be interested please respond here or get in touch with me in game on Lilolth or Derrgar im usually on lil 7 days a week after 10 cst many days much sooner then that . Hope to see ya soon in game

02-15-2010, 02:28 AM
Thought i might add that we do know most of the quests in the ranges for these toons these are all at least 2nd toons most of us its the 3rd or 4th toon weve leveled to this range and the kinks have been ironed out the builds researched ext none of us are gimped though we do not have a lot of uber gear nobody has any GS ext yet but the builds are all solid and we know what we are doing .

02-15-2010, 11:14 PM
Got no responses =( we ran Desecrated temple most of the night farming sigil pieces with a couple hirelings for heals . Then finished 2 peoples Von 2 . Feel free to get with me in this thread if your interested and you might mention what raid flag your most interested in working on.