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02-11-2010, 01:17 PM
First, our webpage: http://www.guildportal.com/guild/340157

Ive had alot of inquiries as to what is going on over here, especially regarding people seeing fleshies with our tag on, and new WF players not being automatically invited. So this should explain it ;)
Red Alert has recently changed its structure a bit:

We started out as a pure-Warforged guild, allowing any and all WF to join us. In the first 2 weeks we had about 70% of the WF on orien. Most of them low lvl alts or newbies however. Only a handful of about 10-20 actually playing their characters seriously.

We have recently however changed our structure so that we allow our own non-WF alts in the guild, and we also allow any new members to join with their non-WF alts. It is a case by case basis. Generally if you become a friend of someone in the guild and you dont have a WF, you will still be welcome. However new prospective members should keep in mind that one of our main focuses is that we have an all-WF raid team. We have also many raid team setups with no WF at all now, but we are the only place where you can come to do all WF raiding and epic content.

Out of all the members so far, we have found ourselves with a solid core group of about 10 players who are focused all on the same goal:
1) A warforged-based guild that is capable of pulling off any raid or epic run in the game only with warforged, and doing it more efficiently since the race is simply more powerful than any other.
2) Generally speaking, being a raid/epic content focused guild that regularly schedules and does all the raids we want to do on timer (read: twice a week).
3) Finding like minded, mature, easy going, humorous, and friendly people to be friends with. We have no hierarchy, no politics, no elitism, no childish drama, and our loot system is usually along the lines of "no, buddy, YOU take it! I'll get the next one!" and so on so forth and we usually argue for 10 mins that our guildmate should take the drop and not ourselves until someone reminds us that we can always just use /random to solve it ;)
4) We stay out of any intra-guild issues on orien and maintain a strict respect for everyone else, and everyone elses guild. Most of us are beyond the age that we'd still have any aggression, egoistic or selfish issues with anyone. We are here to enjoy the game, together - respecting everyone elses means to do the same.
5) Our playstyle is pretty hardcore, leaning heavily on the powergaming side. We desire all our members to make efficient builds, and know how to play them. We have a separate forum dedicated to our character builds where we continually discuss and number crunch and tweak eachothers builds to not only be the most optimal, but also the most fun and most efficient as part of our team. Our newer players are reaping a huge benefit from this and that makes us very happy. You can always make a gimp fun character in the guild but they wont be in our raid teams ;).
6) We are all active, and can make at least half of the regularly scheduled raids that we do on timer.
7) Everyone who is part of our raiding team is an officer. The casual players who we have become friends with and accustomed to enjoying their presence are regular members. This is more of an organizational thing so we can all use officer chat when raiding - as I said, there is no hierarchy here and we vote on everything we do as a guild (including these recent changes, for example).

Our guild is welcoming to newer players if you have the desire to be part of something special and especially if you are interested in WF groups. We have a whole bunch of more casual players who were invited during the first 2 weeks when we openly recruited, and they of course will remain and be welcome in the guild - however for any new members we are only looking for a select few. We only require that you are seriously interested in playing the game, being active, and making some new friends. If you are not a hardcore player yet, you will be soon, we all have alot to teach eachother and continually do so. If you are a vet player who wants to enjoy all this stuff with the additional option of all-WF raiding on the table then you have easily found your match here.

Also, leveling up a new char on orien if you are starting fresh, is a walk in the park with us, as we tend to partner up and static group rush to 20. One of our newer members in fact is static leveling 3 of his alts with me and my partner who are only leveling our TR'd alts. (Thats how lame the exp penalty is, believe it or not.)

View our website and forums for further info on our setup, and feel free to post up any questions or concerns.

02-12-2010, 08:19 AM
gl hf dd.

02-12-2010, 01:14 PM
gl hf dd.

haha awesome dude ;)
grats on TR'd 20 finally!

02-12-2010, 02:06 PM
Thanks, I realized Wednesday I was 90k away and had done all of 19 just doing raid completions...

FYI you can go straight from 18-20 without taking 19 and getting any more xp to get to 20. None of the normal 1.9999 level cap.

02-20-2010, 07:16 AM
thats some freshening info ;)

gettin tired of my TR monk atm, since not gonna be using him for our epic raid team anyway, sortof a letdown to keep grinding it...also not the best of raiding classes since its a measly +2atk/+2dmg and some situationally useful immunities that i can offer the group......wheeeeen will they let monks make GS wraps?!?! makes no sense that they cant...

but i guess getting back to 20 with a few raids and farming will have to do it. i always forget that raid xp when im leveling, its pretty awesome actually...