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02-10-2010, 04:48 PM
Previously known as "DDO Crafting Planner"

Epic Crafting, Dreamforge Crafting, & DDO Wiki are the primaries in this release

Interactive DDO Game Guide:


V3.2.0 Release Notes:


NEW - Epic Crafting makes its way to the Interactive DDO Game Guide. Most of the known recipe's as of 2/7/2010 are in the planner. It works slightly different than Shroud/Ring crafting. The Raid Drop down is not required, its there so you can limit down the item drop down to items for the selected raid only. You can select an item right away though if you like without touching the raid drop down at all. Full functionality is there for ya, so enjoy!!
NEW - Dreamforge Crafting is here. This is more along the lines of Dragon/Alchemical crafting, in that its a page that describes the whole process.
NEW - DDO Wiki graces the pixels of the Interactive DDO Game Guide! Borror & Company has done an outstanding job getting the community involved in gathering a repository of information on everything DDO. Thanks Guys/Gals, this site is a life saver.
NEW - Load last Epic Formula added to the options list. On by default.
NEW - Track Epic Tokens on Ingredients Tab
NEW - Credit Page Update, DDO Wiki & Loot Thread added.
NEW - Litany Puzzle. I've added the Answers to the Litany of The Dead quest into the Puzzle Tab. There is a cooresponding MINI Mode version too.
NEW - Against The Demon Queen Puzzle/Riddle. I've added the guaranteed order for all possible solutions to the book puzzle in Against The Demon Queen. There is a cooresponding MINI Mode version too.


- Remember the size/position you had the game guide at last on close/re-open.
- I've modified how the look of Super Shards appear for Shroud Crafting. Previously it would list the Super Shards as FOCUS/ASPECT, IE Earth/Mineral. It will now just utilize the ASPECT II only, IE Mineral II. I had to add an extra character to the beginning of the sorting sections so the sorts would work properly. I hope this clears up some of the confusion I had been seeing on the forums regarding the planner creating Dual Shard recipe's.
- Definative Loot Tab is now loading from my web server. If the server is down, it will load a local copy of it. This give me the ability to update the page on the fly, and allow all of you to get the updates immediately. (Thanks Crimson for the idea!)
- Added in a confirmation that the save was successful for saving items on exit.
- Moved all crafting tabs under a single crafting tab.
- Change text on save/load forumula to save/load shroud forumula. Also changed this on the menu drop down.

Bug Fixes:

- Blast Effects on Tier 3 were listing the wrong damage numbers/information. This has been corrected. (Thanks Noctus)
- Sorting via essence/gem under certain circumstances was populating the drop downs when they shouldn't have been. I went back in time and tried to find where this first crept in. Its been there since day 1, can't believe I never saw it before. Its fixed now.
- Opposition on the ingredients tab for tier 1/2/3 was not working with validation and would allow you to leave the field blank.

WebPage Updates:

- Loot List Updated to 1/7/2010
- Added Reavers Refuge Flagging to the "Are Your Raid Ready?" page.

02-10-2010, 05:35 PM
It slices, it dices, it makes Julienne fries!

Nice updates. Now even less reasons to have to open Firefox while in-game :D

The raid ready guide seems a bit outdated, it still says things like you have to turn in the 3 items every time you want to re-run DQ and having to repeat VONs 1-4.

02-10-2010, 06:41 PM
:) I know. I had so much on the plate, I had to just release. I'll do an interm update in a bit to try and correct some of the raid stuff.

02-10-2010, 07:09 PM
Cool! Thanks Sanadil for taking some time today to chat with me about it, I'll have an interview about the guide this weekend on DDOcast.

02-11-2010, 01:36 AM
Cool! Thanks Sanadil for taking some time today to chat with me about it, I'll have an interview about the guide this weekend on DDOcast.

Fanboi :p

Didn't notice the reflagging part but I was checking out the new additions. All working nicely..

02-13-2010, 07:38 AM
Frankly the way you format everything into an easy to read package has been so much of a help that I dont think I could live w/o it. To me this is better than any of the other web browser based material, the only problem I forsee is the web browser based may get visited more often due to the integration into the GUI. I recommend this to every new player I encounter who is willing to listen to some sage advice. Thank you