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02-08-2010, 11:18 AM
Application for DDO Fansite Status

Content Focus: Should be no less than 80%
Updated monthly: Not an issue... I'm adding weekly at the least.
Link to DDO.com: Top right of the content area.
Admin 18+: Althought The State claims I'm in my 30s, my wife would dispute that.
Already recieving visitors: Yes, although I haven't officially announced it before, but I'm averaging about 20 a day for now... I'm expecting better when I market it appropriately.
Registration: All information and most, if not all the forums will be available to the public. Forums, which I'm not going to push heavily, will require registration for participation.
Guild: I have a separate domain for the guild site.
Illegal: Not really...
Copyrighted: I intend to have walkthrough videos on the site eventually, so unless that violates anything, we're good. I believe it's covered under DMCA's fair use, educational clause anyway.
Defamatory: I won't post anything personally, but cannot be responsible for the forums. I'll respond to alerts, but I won't be combing them daily.
North America: USA Baby!

Name: DDO Source.com
URL: ddosource.com
Blurb: DDO Source.com has puzzle solvers, maps, strategy, newbie guides and more, all in a single source.