View Full Version : Minigames: a 3.5 Miniature Game and a 3.5 Card Game

02-05-2010, 06:17 AM
To make it short just give me something else to do other then bashing monsters because after 4 years my interest is wearing thiner and thiner after each day!

Adding different stuff to do could really help keep the game interesting for a lot longer. housing, Guild housing, PvP, crafting, fishing etc... is what they do in other games, and i think those things are lame (yet lots of people like them).

This got me thinking, what if they added a 3.5 D&D Miniature game and a 3.5 D&D Card game?

The miniature game could be so awesome, with championships going on, in game prizes, and stuff like that i could even keep playing just that and forget about the rest.

And i am sure the Card game would be a Hit with a lot of people out there too.

So please Turbine consider these two suggestions.

02-05-2010, 07:06 AM
Like the idea!

02-05-2010, 08:51 AM
A good card game to add would be the Three Dragon Ante game that WotC released a couple years back for use in D&D as a game played in taverns. Would fit right into the game and be a lot of fun to play.

02-05-2010, 08:55 AM
I always felt that stuff like this should be able to be done in the taverns.

02-08-2010, 07:09 AM
They could use all sorts of methods to tie-in these minigames with ddo, like adding rare drops for minis or cards at the end of certain quests (additional drops ofc). Prizes for playing these games with in-game use such as charge based clickies or simply eberron shards. Puzzles in quests that use these games or simulate their mechanics, all kinds of things...

02-19-2010, 03:13 PM
Just to illustrate my idea on how minigames can be beneficial to DDO i'd like to point out Free Realms
A very successfull MMO that just hit the 8 million mark.

Surely its also because its one of the few Truly kid friendly MMOs out there and that is not exactly what we want for DDO, but the fact that its so successful at least shows that its gameplay has something to keep all those people playing.