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02-03-2010, 10:04 PM
All in all, I love the new PrE for someone who is already a Necromancer. I think it needs a couple of tweaks, though:

Necrotic Touch

Necrotic touch is unaffected by Potency, Nullification or Metamagic. At it's worst, with all of these included and enabled, it would be an average damage of:

120 base (maximized) + 60 (empowered) + 54 (Pale Master III) + 60 (Nullification/Potency) + 72 (Pale Master ring/belt set) = 366

If you made Nullification/Potency work on Necrotic Touch, but don't allow it to stack with the Pale Master gear, which kind of stands to reason, then you'd max out at 306. To get that, you'd blow 1SP + 25SP (Maximize) + 15 SP (Empower) = 41 SP.

Given that Finger of Death is 40SP and allows an instant-kill option, 306 negative energy damage for 41 SP is pretty comparable and would give at least a usable DSP option to the Pale Master.

Summon Undead

Turbine has to develop a common framework for summoning creatures when we're not talking about a spell doing the work. You've got one framework for the clerics of Vulkoor (clicky with long cooldown for a set CR10 drow-scorpion), another one for defenders (clicky with long cooldown, but can upgrade CR as you level via enhancements) and now you've got a third with the summoned undead (clicky that allows instant recast on death of pet, can upgrade CR as you level, but you have to buy all three forms to advance to each new level).

Might I suggest ...

a) a clicky
b) a SP cost to the clicky (low for Summoning I, more for Summoning II, etc.)
c) clicky locked out as long as pet is alive
d) clicky re-enables when pet dies and only when pet dies.
e) pet stays alive as long as you can keep them alive (these are not spells, so why do they expire?)
f) you pay enhancements to get the clicky, and more to upgrade to the next level.

and ...

g) allow multiple options at the same CR rating for that clicky depending upon the nature of the clicky, ie. Vulkoor priests get a plain scorpion OR the drow scorpion as forms to pick from. Pale Masters get a skelly, a zombie or a ghoul. If you can give multiple casting options for a spell like Contagion, you sure as heck can give multiple summoning options for this clicky.