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02-03-2010, 04:18 PM
Rented skates for 10. Unsure as to their beneficial use. They are on a timer.

After that, I turned in the next 18 for
8 Winter Motes
2 recipes
One Wand of Niac's Cold ray 5th level
Three Scrolls of Niac's Cold ray 1st level

One recipe said I can add cold touch or something to a randomly generated treasure item. Item+100 Motes + the recipe.

The other recipe was a little more complicated and sounded like it gave a spell.

So far, looks not that interesting.

Since I played this morning before shutdown I grabbed some more ice coins in 1/2 hour

02-03-2010, 04:33 PM
Just 6 white ice coins myself. I got:

3 Snowball Storm scrolls
3 motes of Winter

Trying to decide if I want to try the skates. I don't fall down much at all so I don't know that I need them. I do make a lot of saves while skating though.

02-03-2010, 04:35 PM
It took me 40 minutes to get 10 tokens from the harbour to get the skates. I then got 2 in 10 minutes.

Just like the Festivult cookies I am thinking already that they aren't worth the trouble. If I get them for killing fire creatures, fine, but I don't think I'll be bothering with the rink or jump.

02-04-2010, 08:06 AM
Forget the skates, not doing those anymore

From White Ice Coins that I collected in Taming the Flames

recipe 3/20 Add Cold Touch to any randon generated weapon
recipe + 100 Motes of Winter + weapon

Recipe 6/20 add Lesser Glaciation I on up the chain
Need a total of 35 Motes of winter and 5 recipes
Lesser Glaciation I-> Glaciation I -> Improved Glaciation I -> Greater Glaciation -> Superior Glaciation I

Recipe 7/20 add Lesser Glaciation II on up the chain
Need a total of ? Motes of Winter and 5 recipes
Lesser Glaciation II-> Glaciation II -> Improved Glaciation II -> Greater Glaciation II-> Superior Glaciation II

Recipe 16/20 Create 10 Snowballs
recipe + 1 Vial of Pure Water + 10 Motes of Winter

I also received a Candy Cane, and an Icy Potion of Fire Protection

02-04-2010, 04:45 PM
From Shade

Recipes (all 3 coin colors seemed to give 1 random recipe, there are 20 in total:
1 - Eternal Wand of Ray of Frost - Recipe: (Festival Twig + 50 Motes of Winter + This Recipe Card)
2 - Upgrades the wand created by Recipe #1s caster level by +1 (can be repeated taking the wand to a maximum of caster level5)
3 - From Lanthan: Winter recipe 3 4 and 5 let you add frost touch to a weapon then upgrade it to frost and then frost burst at a cost of 100 motes + the recipe for each step. it does work on handwraps.
4 - See 3
5 - See 3
6 - Glaciation I upgrades. Lets you upgrade any lootgen Glaciation 1 item up from lesser all the way up to superior. In 1 step increments and each step has exponentially increasing mote costs (Cost = 1/5/10/20, higher for Glaciation 2/3/4/etc) Does not work on Named items.
7 - Glaciation II Upgrades. See #6
8 - Glaciation III Upgrades. See #6
10 - Glaciation IV Upgrades. See #6
11 - Glaciation V Upgrades. See #6
12- Glaciation VI Upgrades. See #6
13 - Glaciation VII Upgrades. See #6
14 - Glaciation IX Upgrades. See #6
15 - 10 Snowballs
16 - 20 Snowballs
17 - Secret Recipe Ingredient 1/4
18 - Secret Recipe Ingredient 2/4
19 - Secret Recipe Ingredient 3/4
20 - Secret Recipe Ingredient 4/4

02-04-2010, 04:50 PM
3, 4 and 5 let you add cold touch to any randomly generated weapon, then upgrade it to frosty, then icy burst.

Like so