View Full Version : bregan D'Ae-rthe now open to all players

02-03-2010, 11:49 AM
the guild is open to all player types and levels. in being in this guild i encourage group behavor to be acceptable in looking out for eachother when asked by others. solo players are most welcome and do not have to particapate in grouping however i encorage them to when we are doing group pvp in the arenas or grouping quests of my leading please. i also will be on the look out for who is on the most as well as behavor twords helping the guild mambers this will determan promotions. i will be on the look out for any guild member who needs an item i will most always have things i dont want yet dont want to sell they are free from me. i do not excptect such teatment form the others in the guild. i encourage the guilds additude twords others not in the group to be acceptabley nice for now. they just might be future guildes i emplore you to enialate people who are just duchebags to you or anyone.....you know the ones iam talking about. feel free to chalange them by calling the guild for back up if you wish. were still looking for a fitting battle arena to make our hideout. (once again i do not own this guilds idea or this character they are the workings of and all rights reseved for R A Salvatore)

jarlaxle bregen of Bregan D'Aerthe

02-03-2010, 07:34 PM
first of all jarlaxles surname is baenre. second, spellchecker is your friend. lol just giving you a hard time friend.