View Full Version : Quests with Chapters; how do they work ?

02-01-2010, 03:11 PM
I'm lvl 6 wizard and have played several quests with chapters and still don't know how they work. I understand the progression, but how does it work with members of the group with different progression levels ?

I've seen my share of "You are on the wrong chapter" messages as I enter a quest with a group, but as long as I get exp I was fine with it.

Currently I've completed the first 3 chapters of Splinterskull. Our group was unable to finish in a single sitting. So days later I want to restart on chapter 4 of Splinterskull with a new group. However, I'm sure most everybody else in the party would not be at the same chapter as I am. Usually a member has not started it, or they've completed it to the end-chapter.

How do I proceed ? Do I need to abandon my quest and restart from 1? Or will sharing my quest automatically bump my members to the chapter I am currently on ? Does it matter of members of my group skip chaps 1-3 ? Should they ignore the "wrong chapter" message and continue happily ?

02-01-2010, 03:19 PM
Basically you can only get credit (i.e. end reward and/or progression to the next chapter) if you are on the correct step (which means being on the correct chapter, and seeing the quest info with level and entrance... if you don't see the quest info then check the log for a NPC contact, that's who you should be talking to). Even when you're on the wrong part you still get XP & favor.

Most chapters can be opened by anyone in the group as long as one person in the group qualifies to open it. That's why for instance if you run Tangleroot with people on different chapters, when you click the quest entrance, you can pick different quests: they correspond to the various chapters people are in.

You usually don't have to abandon a quest chain, since once you reach the point you were before, you'll be able to advance again. However, sometimes it is useful e.g. to open on a higher difficulty setting.

Note: quest sharing on a quest chain will only give the first quest to other party members. It won't bump them to the chapter you are on (there may be, or have been, some bugs where it was possible to do so, but they were bugs).

If you start a group not on 1st chapter it's good form to warn people about it, so that those who come for end reward are not disappointed.