View Full Version : Just how useful are Byeshk weapons?

01-31-2010, 08:02 PM
I have a +1 Byeshk rapier and +1 Byeshk returning dagger in bank. Are they worth keeping, or will I, by the time I meet appropriate aberrations, need something more than that?

Somewhat related question -- now that I "upgraded" my main weapon, another bank slot is taken by my previous one -- +2 bastard sword of backstabbing. I had bound it on the Stone of Change so I cannot auction it off, and its nominal value is just above 18,000 gp so broker in Marketplace won't take it. Is there another broker somewhere who will take it?

02-01-2010, 06:40 AM
You can find Aberration Bane weapons and by the time you are taking on beholders and Mind Flayers and Tharashk Hounds(the professionals know all the types, I am guessing) you will be wanting something better than a +1.

I put a +5 Byeshk Dwarven Axe on Auction for BUYOUT of less than base value and it DID NOT sell. I was curious to see if anyone would buy it. So, I vendored it.

I think Metalline Weapons accomplish the same thing as Byeshk and more. I know transmuting did but they changed that with Mod 9.

I would sell your weapons.

House D vendor is where you sell weapons of 18K GP base value or higher.

House K vendor is where you sell armor of 9K GP base value or higher.

And if you do not want the extra GP from the brokers, you can always vendor stuff at any tavern.

IMHO, exchange your bastard sword feat for Khopesh feat. Yes, I know you can find bastard swords all the time, but khopeshes have better crit range.

02-01-2010, 08:32 AM
Beholders have no DR in DDO.

What else good is Byeshick?

02-01-2010, 01:02 PM
Main function of Byeshk is to provide a whole bunch of hardness to a weapon, so it takes less damage with prolonged use.

The only monster DR it bypasses is for Mindflayers. Mindflayers are not really all that common, and are pretty easily splattered when they show up even without Byeshk.

And Tharaak Hounds are demons...chaotic evil outsiders. You need /Law to break their DR...Axiomatic, True Law, or an unarmed monk at level 16+