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01-31-2010, 07:36 PM
I am a little confused. I am considering trying out the game and I read the Monk class is on sale. So, how does it exactly work with buying points vs. paying for a monthly subscription? If you buy and use points, you get to make 1 monk or as many as you like? And if you pay for 1 month and get access to make a monk or Drow, or other restricted class/race, what happens if you don't pay the subsequent months? Do they take the classes/races away?

Also, when you pay you get more character slots. What happens if you don't pay the next month?

Thanks for the clarifications...

01-31-2010, 07:39 PM
If you sub then go free you lose access to monk and warforged, if you buy them as a free player you can make as many as you have slots for if you then go sub and back to free you keep them. If you buy them you get them for all servers. Drow you can earn for 400 favor for that server or buy and get for all servers. if you buy slots and go free you will have 4 plus however many slots you bought.

subscribing players dont get drow or favored souls for free they have to earn or buy them 400 favor for drow and 2500 for fvs per server if you buy you get for all servers

02-01-2010, 06:36 AM
What Uska said, but I'm going to paraphrase in an effort to make sure its understood:

1. Anything you buy with points in the DDO store is yours permamently, whether you are VIP or not.

2. If you go from VIP to premium/free you will keep anything you have bought.

3. If you are VIP you earn 500 points free per month. If you are not VIP you must buy points from the store with real cash, or earn them with favour.

4. All account types are awarded points as a result of earning favour at the same rate (i.e. it doesn't matter if you're VIP or free).

5. One off point rewards are offered for reaching certain overall favour levels the first time on each server. Other than that, points are awarded at regular intervals (I think its 25pts per 100 favour but I'm not certain, I don't pay that a lot of attention)

6. If you do buy adventure packs, races, classes or account enhancements (e.g. 32 pt build, veteran status) with points, they apply across all servers. If you unlock such things with favour they only count on the server you are on

7. Note that you can't unlock adventure packs with favour directly. As outlined above, you are awarded turbine points by earning favour, but you then spend those points as you wish in the store. If you choose to buy an adventure pack then that's up to you, but the favour itself doesn't unlock it.

8. As VIP, note that you cannot actually use those points to buy things that you get for free as a VIP. So as VIP you cannot buy Monk with points because you get it anyway. But if that VIP creates a monk and then stops paying their subs, to be able to play that character again, they will have to then buy monk specifically with points. Until they do that, they lose access to it - but it isn't deleted.

9. The same applies to adventure packs - as VIP you don't need to buy adventure packs. Consequently you cannot even browse them in store. If you stop paying your subs you will only have access to F2P content until you buy some packs.

10. If you buy an account option (e.g. packs, classes, build options) with points as a F2P/Premium player, then go VIP, then go back to F2P, you will still have access to those packs/classes/whatever even though you arent' paying subs because you bought them. They are yours forever

That's much more wordy than Uska, but I hope that's answered all your questions. Please check out the links in my sig, I have found these highly useful as a new player. You will probably be very interested in Robi's guide.