View Full Version : Vive Hodie Permadeath Guild

01-29-2010, 09:25 PM
UPDATE: Unfortunately, RL has come back to take away what time I had planned for this group. I will not be leading it or doing anything with it for now. If you're interested in using the setup that exists, just send me a PM, and I'll hook you up.

Thanks to all that showed interest.

Well, I'm back, and I've got a new guild on the block. For anyone interested in a permadeath guild who likes the tactics and playstyle of permadeath, but wants to have fun as well, I've got a guild for you.

Vive Hodie Permadeath Guild (http://vivehodie.guildportal.com) is a guild that enjoys permadeath, but likes to make it fun as well as challenging. We're hoping to offer events, a guild bank, and all sorts of challenges for that special kind of player that likes permadeath.

If you're interested, come look at the website, or PM ZekeHealer on Orien.

Take care and have fun!