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01-29-2010, 05:21 PM
Oh, hullo there. S'pose you're lookin' to talk about that guild-thingummy that Lorrey started up, ain't ya?

Well, the name's Druell. Druell Wildhair to be exact, but the second bit don't matter much, does it? I s'pose you could call me a mate of Lorrey's. Anyhow, he managed to convince me to be his successor, or heir, or something of the sort, to this mad-cap idea of his. A 'Guild' he calls it. Me, I think its more like a loose organization than a real guild. S'not like we go around training journeymen or any such nonsense.

So this is all Lorrey's idea. Well, mostly. Its for the sort of folk that we are. Naw, I don't mean just halflings, I mean the sort that find themselves alone. Misfits, loners, wanderers, crusaders, whatever Lorrey calls ya when he's in the mood. Whoever y'are, we've got a place for ya if nowhere else seems to fit. After all, everyone likes a bit of companionship, don't they? Even me. Though I'll still take an animal over one of you people any day.

Anyhow, if yer wantin' to join up with us, just find one of us to talk to. Me or Lorrey, s'all it is right now. If ya can't find us, just drop us a letter.


Guild Name: Quite a Character
Guild Type: Roleplaying - In Character 24/7. And none of that sneaky telepathy stuff, talking to people you can't see! ;P
Status: Open & Looking!
Size: Puny, right now. We've no limit, though, open to all comers. And hopefully we'll get more than just the two of us.
Activity Hours: Lorrey is 'sporadic' and I (Druell) am on mostly in the evenings (-4:00 GMT) or weekends, but I do have a life outside of this, unfortunately.

NOTE: Preferably we'd be in-character all the time, all the game, but that just isn't practical for some in-game situations. We're not going to ban anybody, for certain.

SECOND NOTE: We are open to Voice Chats, but its not mandatory - neither Lorrey nor I have done much VCing, and typing works well. (And if you do VC - please have 'press to talk'!)

To Join: To join the guild, you must contact an officer in-character, in-game. If no one is online, feel free to mail someone. But since the guild is also an in-character organization of sorts, you have to join IC. ;P

Oh, and for teh pimpage: Orien has a roleplay channel, for talking about RPing and such. Just tune in to /joinchannel Roleplay. Currently it isn't exactly the busiest, but I'm always on it, when I'm on! And Orien has its own Roleplaying Wiki. A little empty at the moment, but I think its a great resource that should be taken advantage of. Just go to http://orien.wikia.com/wiki/Orien_Roleplay_Wiki and create a page for your character!

03-02-2010, 06:01 PM
Guild has been disbanded due to lack of activity. Just sayin'.

Do check out the roleplay channel, though, we get kinda lonely over there! xD