View Full Version : UI elements drifting

01-29-2010, 02:53 PM
Hey folks, returning player here and I've been hoping someone has found a way to fix the UI drifting problem that has plagued me since release. I play in windowed mode and with a large resolution, and my UI elements all drift slightly whenever I log on or off. Has anyone been able to come up with a solution to correct that, sharing would be really appreciated!


02-05-2010, 03:26 PM
I haven't experienced this but I have a lot of experience with drifting due to running on different computers as we have 4 computers in our home for DDO and they run in 3 different resolutions.

Your best bet is to set your bars up in the windowed mode, give them some breathing room, and stay away from the edges. When you go to full screen you should have slightly larger gaps but nothing terrible which should also alleviate drift on log-in if I'm right that the game loads its data for non-windowed and then translates it to windowed.

02-05-2010, 03:40 PM
Well i play at a rez of like 2550 x1600 or something like that on the big monitor..but i dont play windowed.

I dont get drift unless i run it on the notebook...which is 1280X1024 i think...and its just the smaller screen crunching everything together until i resort it for the smaller screen...then of course its all spacey when i go back to the desktop!