View Full Version : European Timezone Bandits

01-29-2010, 02:30 PM
ETB is recruting players who want to join a casual fun loving guild with a friendly and respectful atmosphere, and who is online mainly in the timezone normal for people from europ. GMT +-2. We want to offer all european a guild that holds members from the european timezone, so when you are online we are too ... we have no roules but 1 and we feel strongly about honoring this: You will respect and honor your guild mates, and restraign you self from name calling and disrespectful behavior on anybody from the argonnessen server.

We have members from all over europe, and a few (friends of ETB) from the world who play in our timezone, and we would gladly accept anyone who wants to be a part of our wonderful comunity. We got also experienced players wo gladly give newer members some guiadence and we all love to grupe up and quest a little, on any lvl. So if u are interested in joining us, or just want to chat a little about anything, feel free to contact anyone from our guild ingame.

Cya ingame