View Full Version : Suggestion: 1 more level 2 pally spell - Shield Other

01-29-2010, 07:08 AM
given that the stat buffs become mostly useless almost at the level you get level 2 pally spells (level 8)
Having another level2 pally spell would be great.

Given pallies tank possibilities. Being able to cast shield other would be great.

What it would do, is transfer 50% of all physical damage done to the ally with the spell onto you. Now this damage is NOT reducable on you,that is it's bane damage. You lose it off your hitpoints.

If the target has damage reduction, that's applied first before half of the value they'd take is transfered to you.

What it does, is let the pally HELP another tank, or help save the life of another target.

You can only SHIELD other , one other ally, casting it on another ally removes the spell from the first target.

If a target is already affected by a shield other spell, they're immune to any other casting of it from another source.

Elemental, force and other types of non-physical damage cannot be transfered with this spell