View Full Version : Khuzdul. lvl 9 Cleric, looking for casual guild

01-25-2010, 10:21 AM
Hello! I'm looking for a casual guild with at least moderate activity and a reasonable membership in my level range - preferably one with some activities in the off-peak hours, especially (say) Saturday/Sunday mornings within the window of 8 AM - 3 PM Pacific (4-11 PM GMT). Broad usage of voice chat when adventuring stronlgy preferred, as I can't type worth a damn.

For non-English language guilds, if you don't mind staggering incoherence, I can try to stumble along in Francais, Espanol, Italiano or Portuges, and at least provide some entertainment while everyone laughs at my appalling pronunciation and grammar - so long as we're on voice chat, as I have no intent to even try to type out messages beyond Bonjour / Buenos Dias / Buongiorno / Bom dia in any non-English language.

For background, I'm a VIP on Mountain time, DnD (Eldritch Wizardry through 2e, mostly) & MMO (EQ, EQ2, WoW mostly) veteran and general old fart / curmudgeon. As to my play skills, well, lets try something and you be the judge. Active Argonessen characters are:

Khuzdul Dwarf 9 Cleric - Generalist
Curunephtu Drow 2 Rogue / 2 Ranger - planned to be an 18/2 assassin with a detour through acrobat along the way.
Halvhoyd Dwarf 4 Ranger - Axe murderer Tempest-to-be
If interested, please feel free to respond here, send me a PM, mail me in game, or even send me a tell in-game. I'll likely be on Khuzdul if I'm on during the week. Thanks for reading!