View Full Version : 12fgt/6pal/2mnk WF THF build help

01-23-2010, 05:25 PM
Hello, pretty new to the DDO scene (about a week). fellin love with the game, so went ahead and purchased 32 point build, monk and WF (along with shared bank). My goal with this character is to be well rounded for solo, but still function well enough in groups I dont make folks mad!

I am trying to plan out a THF build with that class spread. Gave it a go last night and leveled monk to 2 and generally like the guy, but i maxed concentration, which after thinking about it, I will not be using at all. so time to start another! I went with 15 10 16 14 10 12 stats, due to the effort trying to keep balance and UMD maxed. Should I go 15 10 16 12 12 12 instead to take advantage of the monk wis bonus? after creation all level stats would be funneled towards str. Should I just forgo monk wis bonus angle and get a WF armor feat to save stat points? or at that point would it be more worthwhile to take 2 of rogue instead?

Also, in the long run would it be better to hold off on the second monk level even though its extremely useful so i can take it at a later level and be able to dump a large amount of skill points at once into class skills like balance? or should i just got monk 1 and 2 like i did last night?

Plan on doing undead hunter. Thoughts? also plan on doing the WF only paladin enhancements. Thoughts?
Monk, animal path monkey.
Kensei II falchion or greatsword, undecided. thoughts?