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01-22-2010, 02:00 PM
The items on this list are items im interested in trading for items of equivalent power or selling, if the offer is good enough. I will not respond to messages saying "how much for ___". If you want an item from the list then i want to know what its worth to you either in coin or in tradeable items. Most of the weapons are stuff i used myself before I reincarnated but that i will not be using with my new build. Im not good at reading board PM's so if you want something from the list send me an ingame email to Azrai, or reply to the thread.

+2 Paralyzing Great Axe of Pure Good (ML: 14, Good, UMD: 20)
+2 Paralyzing Bastard Sword of Shattermantle (ML: 14, DC: 17)

Bane Weapons:
+1 Acid Bastard Sword of Greater Aberration Bane*(ML: 8) Gone!
+1 Holy Greatsword of Greater Lawful Outsider Bane** (ML: 10)
+1 Axiomatic Burst Greataxe of Greater Aberration Bane (ML: 12. Lawful, Halfling, UMD: 22)
+3 Shocking Burst Bastard Sword of Greater Evil Outsider Bane (ML: 14)
+5 True Chaos Bastard Sword of Greater Lawful Outsider Bane (ML: 16)

+1 Vorpal Bastard Sword of Pure Good (ML: 12, Good, UMD:20)
+2 Vorpal Bastard Sword of Maiming (ML: 14) Gone!

Other Kickassery:
+2 Holy Burst Bastard Sword of Pure Good (ML:10, Good, Warforged, UMD: 20) Gone!
+4 Holy Burst Bastard Sword of Pure Good (ML: 14, Good, Halfling, UMD: 24) Gone!
+4 Frost Scimitar of Vertigo (Vertigo +10, ML: 16, Drow, UMD: 26)

Static Items:
Dusk Heart (ML: 9 Trinket: Improved False Life, Dusk)
Robe of Acid (ML: 8 Robe: Conjusration Focus +1, Superior Corrosion IV, Acid Resistance)
Manacles of Ceaseless Toil (ML: 13 Bracers: +3 Str, +3 Con, Remove Exhaustion 3/day)
Ward of Undeath (ML: 8, Shield: +2, Undead Bane, Flaming, Ghost Touch, Flametouched Iron)
Mirage (ML: 8, Scimitar: +5, Deception, Ghost Touch)
Fell Rapier of Ice (ML: 12, Rapier: +5, Frost)

[b]Lowbie Tweaks:[b]
+1 Keen Kopesh of Pure Good (ML:4)

So you've picked out an item you like and you're wondering what to offer up for it. To make it a bit easier for you i'll make a "short" list of stuff i need or would trade for at the moment. Note that i will also buy greater bane and slaying ammunition at base price.

Armor Bracers (+6 or higher)
Kopeshes and Kamas (Paralyzing, Banishing, Disruption, Smiting, Holy burst of Pure Good)
Greater Bane Kopeshes and Kamas (Lawful/Evil Outsider, Abberration, Elemental, Elf, Giant)

Ancient Vulkoorim Dagger x2
Beholder Optic Nerves
Ethereal Gloves
Eye of the Beholder
Gloves of Gnoll Hide
Jorgundal's Collar
Muck's Doom
Mysterious Bauble
Planar Gird
Remlin's Step
Ring of Troll's Regeneration
Royal Guard Mask

Reaver's Ring Gone!

(message me ingame if you need any of the giveaways)

*Aberrations Include but is not limited to: Drow Scorpions, Mind Flayers and Beholders, Hound of Xoriat. Just about all aberrations are chaotic.

** Does an insane 7d6 +5 dmg vs Lawful Outsiders before modifiers. Lawful Outsiders include: Bearded Devils, Bezekira, Efereeti, Hellhound, Pit Fiend, Rakshasa, and most Tieflings. This weapon does good damage and will bypass damage reduction on devils and orthons (such as in Vale, Shavrath, and the Shroud 1 portals), making it a truly impressive weapon for endgame content. If no one buys this one i'll simply build a paladin for it :D

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01-22-2010, 11:42 PM
Woot, im the winner of the Reaver Ring sweep stakes. Thanks much appreciated. I will put it to good use : )

01-27-2010, 12:41 AM
can i have dusk heart?, i dont got any of the items u want though :(

01-27-2010, 07:12 PM
can i have dusk heart?, i dont got any of the items u want though :(

Message me ingame with a real offer for it if you need the item.

02-02-2010, 01:27 AM
whats ur toon name?