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01-22-2010, 08:09 AM
Anybody remember NetHack? The idea is to have the game track things you've never done with your character, visible to all. Most players who found nethack too easy at some point replay it with a voluntary challenge to for example never use a god-pray and so on. This flags are visible to all on the players Bio/or webpage.

What uses could be done for DDO?
* Of course the perma-death guilds would love it, As long you "never ressed out of a dungeon" you get that flag.

I'm currently trying to think about other good possiblities beside that.
* "Never repeated a finished quest".
* Possibly "Never quaffed a potion." (altough the incentive this might create might not really be desirable)
* "self-reliant"; more a tick-box, as long you activated it you do not receive positive effects from your party members. -> then "Turned it on at start and never turned that off".
* "maverick", never bought anything from a vendor, the AH, accepted an attachment of a mail or taken something out of the shared bank
* "pedestrian", never teleported (this includes DD)
... ?

Rather than showing this to newbies I think this could be a nice option for veteran/TR characters to activate what you want to shoot for on creation. When you would loose a flag the game warns you if you want to break your challenge or cancel that action.

01-22-2010, 12:00 PM
* "Nice" --- Never used a scroll of genocide?

It's a cool idea. I like. Also ways to turn on things like largest hit, highest level solo quest, etc into bio by automatic.