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01-19-2010, 04:46 AM
Allo... Recently im flagged for pretty much everything i can be... and was just wandering how to best optimizie my equipment.. what i should be looking for wearing.. etc etc...Ill list my current equipment and see what u guys think..Im a dwarf monk if that matters are at all pretyt much around 30 dex 30 wis or close to it..Wepon finness build..

Helm-Minos Legions

Necklace - 5 wis necklace (have shinato monk necklace just gotta get 6 wis on other slot)

Trinket - Mummified Bat (looking for bloodstone but what are some other tirnkets i should look for)

Chest - Icy Remnant (pretty sure this is best option but also getting white drgaonscale robe and drgaontouched..what in your oppinions are the best upgrades to a dragontouched)

Gloves - Spectral Gloves (probally keeping theese til i get epic ones)

Rings - (both pretty much filler.. i think a 5 con ring and something else until I get my TOD rings)

Belt - 6 str i beleive..

Cloak - Pretty much swap out greater resistances here.. (probally gonna use this as one of my greensteel items but not sure which one i should go for.. ive read air air air.. earth earth earth or air earth air.. oppinions here)

Goggles - Crappy blindness ward (probally another greensteel item or try and get tharnes.. oppinions here.)

Boots - 30% striding (not sure what to go here oppinions)

Bracer - 7AC (looking for 8 ac still)

Wepons - Im using pretty much only handwraps.. Ive got one vorpal kama workin on getting the other...also have some dream edges that i dont really use..my handwraps are pretty normal.. most of time im using my (+5 shocking burst of bleeding) ( or force handwraps of weighted 5% ) ( ive also got my disruptors banishing paralizer etc etc) was hoping to find some holyburst of weighted 5% and looking for other ideas of what high end monks use for wepons.. i seem to switch around alot but lately just stick to my dps ones...

So any help would be appreciated if u need to know anything I've forgotten lemme know..Thanks in advance anyone for the help.. figure this post might also benefit other monks with gearing questions as well..if anyone has any monk questions i can answer lemme know ill help anyways i can thank you..

01-19-2010, 04:54 AM
I don't see any GFL item.
You might want to wear Dusk Heart (Improved False Life, 10% blur) while looking for Bloodstone

01-19-2010, 04:56 AM
Boots - I would look for Boots of the Innocent for the +5 resist. Or maybe firestorm greaves. You are a monk so you should be running fast enough anyway... ;)