View Full Version : Newish player looking for guild

01-18-2010, 05:48 PM
Hey all,

I'm a relatively new player (since about October) and I think it's about time that I start looking for a guild here on Orien. My main is a level 8 light path Monk, and I've about hit the point where soloing, while still doable, is less rewarding than finding a good group of players. The quests in this range seem far better suited to multiple player groups (Xorian Cipher, Tear of Dhakaan, Gwylan's Stand) and I don't want to have to rely on PUGs in the social panel for my grouping needs (add in the fact that it seems like a lot of PUGs don't include the Monk class in their LFMs and good times ensue :/).

I'm a fairly casual player, with something of a competitive streak, so I'd ideally be looking for a guild that not only is laid back, but is also somewhat focused on raiding in the higher levels. I have the basics of character builds down, and I like to think that I'm a reasonably competent player, so I hopefully would not be a liability to a group of good players.

The only reason I post this instead of contacting guilds directly is that my play-time is somewhat limited (evenings EST, and very occasionally afternoons) and I don't own all the adventure packs (I have STK, Sharn, 3BC, Tangleroot, Delera's, Sorrowdusk, Threnal, Demon Sands, GH, Vale, and Path of Inspiration, eventually looking to pick up Necro IV, but that's about it barring great sales), so it's not entirely clear how my needs would mesh with the requirements of the guilds on here. I don't have 32 point builds and will only have them when I unlock them, and other nice luxuries are probably not in my near future.

That being said, I've been having a good time on Orien thus far, so hopefully I can find a nice guild to make it my permanent home. :)

Edit: And now I've found my guild! :)