View Full Version : Low Hanging Fruit Improvements to Loot Tables

01-18-2010, 04:43 PM
I've made the following suggestions before, but they were generally in long drawn out threads about various matters so let me put them in a clearer more precise form here.

Easy ways to improve the Loot Tables

1) Add existing special abilities from named items to the loot tables as well as green steel powers. These include the blast powers, tier 3 powers, and the whole host of named item effects.

2) High level loot tables should include small chances at lower level named loot including raid items. If you want a specific item your better off running that quest/raid.

3) High level loot tables should include crafting items of all types. These include small, medium, and large ingredients as in Amarath (but not EPIC yet), DT runes, ToD crafting items, imbued shards, and essences. Make the odds appropriately small for the more powerful items.

4) Drop the prefix/postfix restriction on powers. Label the item as normal, but just use the first prefix/postfix rolled and maybe add an enhanced or something to title if more then just those are present.

5) Make various material properties much higher on higher level loot. It's less of a base cost bump percentage wise and therefore should be more common for more powerful loot.

6) Make EPIC chests drop normal versions of named loot from their quest also.