View Full Version : [WTB] Elemental Khopeshs, Remlin's Step, Good gear for a Rogue, TWF, Wizard.

01-18-2010, 03:36 PM
Okay so.

I'm a Warforged, approaching level 9. I am a mix of Wizard/Rogue/Ranger. I use spells to buff myself for better melee and trap disabling, as well as attack spells like Wall of Fire (when I get it). The build I am using is going to be 7 Wiz/12 Ranger/1 Rogue. I use dual Khopesh, and bows for when it is needed.

Items I am specifically looking for right now are Remlin's Step, and the tapestry things to get Minos Legens.
I haven't been playing this game that long (this character is my highest), so mention any good items you have and what they do, I may need them.