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01-16-2010, 06:32 PM
Hi all,

I have a human level 6 character who is currently Rogue5 Ranger1 (close to level 7, so it's decision time...) As a relatively new player, I don't know what I want from him, but I am getting a taste of my preferred playstyle...

I like to be aware what's around me: I like high spot/listen skills and I'm often the first in a party swinging at hidden foes...
I like being able to wade in and deal harm and mayhem: I've only made melee or melee capable toons to date

I am thinking of going in a few directions, and would like some feedback...

Base stats were (if I remember correctly)

Str 16 now 18 with enhancement & gear
Dex 16 now 18 with enhancement & gear
Con 12 can go to 16 for a brief time by activating a ring boost
Int 12
Wis 8 now 9 with gear
Cha 8

I'm thinking to respec the Rogue to Mechanic I
I'm thinking to add 1 more Ranger level for the free dual weilding
I'm thinking to add 12 levels of either Fighter for Kensai II or Barbarian for Frenzied Berserker II
I'm thinking of adding 11 more Ranger levels for Tempest 2 and a couple Fighter or Barbarian... fighter for feats, Barb for Rage and extra speed.

Not interested at this stage of going monk or favoured soul. (F2P, for now...)

But I don't know what is a more viable option. I'm thinking with 8 Wis and Char a cleric or bard flavour is not really an option, though I know I can get gear (and tomes, I suppose, one day) to help out. I like the idea of bardic badass but I don't think I have the specs for it... well the Charisma anyway. I've started a bard based alt on the same server for that... unless I don't need to...

I have posted a similar request in the Rogue forum and was advised to go to Rogue 19 Assassin III, but I guess that's the advice a Rogue would give... hence, seeking input from the broader community. I'm not that worried about end game. If he is too gimpy I can resurrect him I'm told, and gain all that experience for getting there.

Currently wielding +4/+2 Scimitars with a set of +4/+3 bludgeons and +2 Rapier/+1 Dagger of thundering shatter for the pointy stuff (well spiders really)

Another opinion please... should I go +4/+2 main/offhand or +2/+4? I've sett up +4/+2 as my thought is to maximise the damage the I do with the main and every little bit from the off hand helps.

01-17-2010, 03:16 AM
Ranger/rogues are well known and very good at damaging stuff, esp str builds. 14 rogue 6 ranger is the most common.

Since you have low wisdom i would stear away from a monk splash.

Barbarian is interesting. However, each time you want to look for a trap, you will have to dismiss your rage, which means you will run out of rages if there are a lot of traps...can work but difficult.

Fighter can give you some extra feats if you feel you need them.

Personally 18 rogue 2 x is the optimal split, I would go 2 ranger for bow strength, twf, and wand usage.


P.S. I play bards and barbarians mostly so this is a non-rogue opinion!

01-17-2010, 03:24 AM
I would recommend 14 more levels of rogue. Go Assassin once you hit L12 Rogue.