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01-16-2010, 10:01 AM
Hey everyone, I'm back at DDO as a VIP now that it seems like the game has some real life to it. I've been messing around with some low level toons and had an idea. It can get old to have a PUG every night made up of 3 barbarians, 2 rangers, and a bard, so here is my idea.

Is there anyone on this server that would be interested in forming a set, 6 man party to get together at a regular time 2-3 nights a week and play together for a couple hours? We could create a balanced party that is ready for whatever quests throw at us, and really work together from levels 1-20. We can create a mix of classes and races that would be diverse, effective, and a heck of a lot of fun. I'm not looking for expert players by any means, we can teach new players. However, VIP subscribers would be nice.

This game obviously relies on heavy teamwork and party makeup more than other MMO's and I just think that a set group of players who can become friends would be a great way to get the most out of the game from start to finish. have a good tank, rogue, healer, support character, etc... Heck, if we make it to a point where raids are an option we'll already have half a raid when we log on ! If you would like to try this out, respond to this thread and look for me in game. I'm usually on a bard named less claypuull. It would be cool to find a few of us, meet in game to discuss party makeup, and get started.

What you need to be to join

- A halfway mature player who will share resources with the party and work for the team.

- Someone who will make our scheduled nights 9 times out of 10 and not ditch every other week because you forgot to do you Philosophy 101 homework again. The group will be relying on you to show up and play your part. It will ruin the fun and convienence of a set group for everyone if you are not faithful to the time alotted.

- Willing to choose a roll and stick to it for the good of the party.

- Be a DDO player for the long haul. I understand lives change, but it would suck for the party to get to lv 10 and then have its cleric leave to play world of warcraft.

- A VIP subscriber, or a F2P who is willing to buy/earn the points necessary to take part in the quests and leveling that other party members will be doing.

You need not:

- Have experience, we can teach you as we go along and progress.

- Be a certain age. I'm 29 so adults would be cool, but if you're a mature teen feel free to join up!

- Have 15 hours a week to play. I'm thinking that about 6 hours a week on 2 diferent nights would be great. However, we could do more if the group feels up to it.

01-29-2010, 11:36 AM
I think you just described what they call a guild ;) At least thats how my guild is.